One Piece: Chapter 978: Laffy vs Kaidoa: Has It released yet?


One Piece, Chapter 978, is going to premiered on Sunday, 26 March 2024. As there was no release of chapters for the week, they thought to premiere the One piece 979 on 12 April gradually. But the bad news is the manga is not released yet!

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the management has stopped the premiere. No chapter has released on its respective dates. The manga creator Eiichiro Oda and his team caught a break on that week.

One Piece Chapter 978 Spoilers:

According to the latest advancements, things began steaming when Jinbe arrived, and he saw the morale and powerful arsenal of Strawhats and Co skyrocket.  The situation in chapter 978 and 979 got gradually distressed. It became poorer when Kaido’s son unveiled himself.  And if you think the case is still coverable, then here comes another news.

The most exciting and thrilling part of the story is the gathering of flying six before Kaido while waiting for Big Mom, to transfer into a Kimono.

One Piece, Chapter 978
One Piece, Chapter 978

When the law had already divided a solid plan, it will increase the chance.  Earlier, we have seen the difference of massive power. We know in chapter 978, we will have a rematch between Luffy and Kaido.

To work diligently, Luffy has halted the celebration. He will enjoy reuniting with wit Jinbe after defeating  Kaido. Not only Kaido was his target but also the Orochi, Big Mom, and their allies who sent them of Wano Country.

Hyogoro will be the in-charge of the Wano samurai. Whereas, Kinemos will be the Mastermind behind all the plans. His long experience would help them a lot to win at hand. For preparation, all ships start to head to Onigashima. Kinemon has told and understood them all the importance of geographical location. Thus, they would need to know about the geography of the island and the site of Kaido’s mansion.

After clearing all the obstacles, they are now at the Strawhats. It means they will be landing in Onigashima in their respective strategic areas.

One Piece, Chapter 978
One Piece, Chapter 978

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After the online release, One Piece Chapter 978, will be available on Viz Media and MangaPlus. To know more, stay tuned to the page.

Release Date:

The official release date has been dated out. When the creator premieres is not yet known. So, stay tuned to the page that you can get to know all the latest updates as soon as we upload it.