Everything you need to know about The Windsors Season 4

The Windsors Season 4
The Royal Family of The Windsors

Channel 4’s British sitcom, The Windsors, has become a fan favorite since its debut in 2016. As time passed, the popularity of the show only increased. The Windsors puts the British Royal Family as a soap opera of what their lives and loves might just be like.

The show was highly criticized for showing Kate Middleton has ebola and two Princesses getting radicalized.

The Daily Telegraph said, “The Windsors were rude, crude – and a real blast of punk comedy” after the first episode. The Guardian has described The Windsors as ‘riotous hilarity.’

Will there be a Season 4?

News of Season 4 is yet to be released. Just like after Season 2 (which ended in 2017), fans had to wait till 2024 for the 3rd season.

However in between Season 1 & 2 they did a Christmas special episode and in between Season 2 & 3 they did a Royal Weeding special. So we can safely conclude that there will be at the very least a particular episode in the future.

When asked about The Windsors Season 4, Channel 4 said: “No info on a series 4 of #TheWindsors just yet!”

The Windsors Season 4
The Windsor: Royal Wedding Special; Taken from the website of Channel 4

Possible release date of Season 4 –

The gap between Season 1 & 2 is more than a year & the difference between Season 2 & 3 is almost two years.

Due to the pandemic going on, all the production houses have been closed. It affects the possible releasing date of Season 4.

We can safely deduce that Season 4 will not be aired before the end of 2024.

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Why The Windsors is so popular

We have grown up by listening & watching many princess stories, which made us curious about the royal lifestyles.

This show, even though in fictional form, provides us an insight into that. The show is all about the British Royal Family, which every one of us is curious about.

Even though the script of the play is fictional, it is inspired by real events.
It only has six episodes in every season and two individual episodes between the seasons, which make it easy for us to binge-watch.

The script is so amazing and filled with comedy, drama & real-life events that it hooked fans into it right from the beginning. Season 3 ended on 31st March, 2024 and fans are already hungry for more episodes.

Stay tuned to us to know more information about the series.