Shameless Season 10: Is it coming to Netflix in July?


Shameless, a show on the online streaming platform, Netflix, returned for its penultimate season in November 2019. It wrapped up in January 2024. To catch up on the latest news, if you’re using Netflix, then here is your guide to help you through your questions. This article will be answering when you will be able to stream the Shameless Season 10 on Netflix.

Shameless Cast
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This US adaptation of the British series is among one of the best ones in the list of adaptations. This series could actually win an argument over the fact that it has surpassed its British Cousin. However, it hasn’t been on Netflix since November 2016.

The show focusses on a family of Gallaghers. Rather, they should be represented as a dysfunctional family of the Gallaghers. They always seem to find themselves in some trouble.

Well, there is terrible news for the fans of the show. Emmy Rossum, who played Fiona, has left the show, and this will be the most significant loss in Season 10 of the show. Emmy has left the show after being on the show for nine years. The main female lead has now been passed on to Emma Kenney, who is seen playing the role of Debbie. However, the Jury is out on the fact whether the show will be able to survive without a staple character of the series.

When will the Shameless Season 10 release?

The seventh season was added on Netflix in June 2017, the eighth season was added in July 2018, and the ninth season was added in September 2019. If you are able to find out the pattern which you definitely would have now, you can easily predict the release date of Season 10.

Shameless Poster
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Thankfully, it’s not getting delayed further as we expected it to be released in October 2024. It will be released on July 26, 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates about the show.