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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 122 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers And What To Expect

Solo Leveling is coming back to further the story we all are coming to love with each episode. The South-Korean web-novel is well into the second season and the protagonist is moving towards a big twist. However, the last episode, i.e. 121 episode left all the big changes on the table, waiting to happen.

The Fantasy Action Genre in anime is one with multiple options, but not many as good as Solo Levelling.

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Recap from the last episode setting up an interesting follow-up chapter:-

The Hunters now have the confidence that they are safe enough to protect themselves. After the victory over The Arch Lich, they were humble, praising the opponents might. However the story takes a turn into uncertainty against with more events.

Hyung-Min doesn’t trust Jin-Woo to be able enough to handle the threat posed by summons. That is just another developing tension to again change things really quickly.

Schedule for the release of Solo Leveling Episode 122:-

The web-novel premieres episode number 122 on October 7th, 2020 for the source. However, your global presence may affect the date exactly. The base-line is the schedule as per Seoul, South Korea.

Where to see the upcoming chapter on the internet?

For lovers of the series, finding the show won’t be much of a struggle. Kakao Page Magazine publishes the manga’s latest chapters and this will be no different. English version of chapter 122 may come out anytime between an hour before and one hour after the release.

Solo Leveling

Spoiler on the Solo Leveling upcoming chapter doing the rounds on the internet:-

The vast number of students, 213 to be exact, who escaped in the beginning are all safe and sound. However, everything isn’t good with the pupil left behind and couldn’t flee. Many students did fail to escape and now they are all no longer with us. Many nations have sent Hunter Sung Jin-Woo the reuired documents. Also, they all need to be in constant contact with him.

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