Solo Leveling Season 2 Latest News


Solo Leveling season 1 has finally come to an end but it seems that we have to wait for a bit long for the premiere of season 2. The manga is on a Hiatus at present. Solo Leveling Chapter 111 was the next in the schedule to be released.

Solo Leveling

This article will be a discussion about the release date and other details about the Solo Leveling Chapter 111. Also, this post contains Spoilers, so the reader is warned already and can leave the page if he don’t want them.

Solo Leveling 2 Release Date

Chapter 111 is going to be released around May 4, 2024. The exact date of the release of the premiere has not been announced yet. For the exact release date, keep visiting our site, we are here to inform you as soon as we get any update.

What happened in Season 1?

Go Gun-Lee was not exposed to the news well, that the hunter, Min Byeong-Gu is retiring after the noble sacrifice he just made in the recent events.

He then receives a call that a B-Rank gate has opened, and they might be under attack soon. He then calls Big Guild for help. Jin Woo was wondering about the terrified lady he came across. He desired to know that what possibly could have happened to her that she is scared to this extent.

Solo Leveling

Gun-Lee calls Mr. Hunter and tells him about the opening of the B-Rank gate. Jin Woo shows up in the middle of the scene, uninvited and surprises everyone. He then goes to the B-Rank gate and promises everyone that he will be done cleaning up all this chaos in a day.

The spoilers for Chapter 111 has not been officially revealed yet. We’ll update you as soon as we get any update regarding the second season of Solo Leveling. Make sure to visit our site for not missing any detail.