Kengan Omega Chapter 80 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers And What to Expect

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Kengan Omega chapter 79 showed the other fight between Misasa and Hikaru. The Metsudo Fangs battle is getting interesting. Hikaru was optimistic about the match to win, but Misasa proved wrong by overpowering him. After defeating Hikaru, Misasa assured that he would drag him to hell.

Hikaru unlashes the Kokaku dual sword style, saying that Misasa is his tool. Looking at the outstanding performance of a little man defeating a giant, Misasa makes an impression on Rama XIII.
Kengan Association just needs the victory to get a tie in the tournament.

Release date:

Chapter 80 of Kengan Omega will release on October 8, 2024, following the streak of releasing every chapter on Thursday.

Kengan Omega manga is also known as Kenga Ashura.


About Kengan Omega chapter 79:

After a flying kick and shower of punches, Hikaru was barely movable. Looking outstanding performance from both of them, Tokota Ohma gets an impression. In the fight, Hikaru is filled full of anger, whereas Misasa fights steezy. Just with his elbows, Misasa is blocking every angry punch Hikaru is landing on him.

All the audience, commentators, and the judges gets surprise and wondering where Misasa was hiding his overwhelming power. At the same time, Hikaru is trying to hit every possible punch. Meanwhile Misasa blocks his every move by his elbows. Meanwhile, Misasa, only by an elbow uppercut, puts Hikaru on the ground.


Trying to land the final blow, Hikaru unleashes Akimori style quickdraw technique; which reminds Mesasa that Hikaru was the one who became The Fang of Metsudo.

Kengan Omega is available at MangaONE and Ura Sunday magazines. But you can read on the mobile, if you can get hands-on one of the magazines.

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