Re: Zero Season 2: When is episode 5 due?


With adorable cuteness of Emilia and Subaru, and a little bit for everything, Re: Zero is releasing another episode for the season 2 soon. The anime checks out every box of genres for anime fans including romance, action fantasy and even time travel, the anime should be in every person’s bucket list. It’s well thought out scenes will keep you at the edge of the seat. If you haven’t watched it, you should feel FOMO. Here’s all about the next episode of Re: Zero.


Release date of Re: Zero season 2 episode 5:

If things will go straight and no change in plans at last moment, the episode will be released on August 5, 2023 at 10:30 PM Asia/Tokyo time.

The season will be available on Crunchyroll with its traditional Japanese audio and English subtitle. Altho, first season and movie can be enjoyed in English at various platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV. We don’t have any information about the season 2’s dub release; we will update you about the announcement date.

The episode will be releasing on the platforms at the same time mentioned above for the premium users, and for free, it will be available on August 12, 2023. So set your alarms and reminder for that.

Summary till/of episode 4:


Every episode of Re Zero season 2 were fabulous, but in specific, chapter 4 was the best for the season and anime released in this year. In the episode Subaru returns to Japan to face his past. In the episode we can see his parents and Kenichi and Naoko. We can also see Subaru’s behaviour and personality. All that gives surety that he has retained the character development that happened in Season 1. Emilia and Rem got some scenes too. Subaru forgest his past self and decides to have a school life. When he arrives at the school, we can see Echidna, the witch of greed waiting for him.

It is fantastic what writers are leading to show us. If they keep this pace, Re Zero can be anime of the year.

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