Ghibli Cosplay: Bring Official Anime Dresses Vibes To Your Wardrobe


Ghibli Cosplay: Studio Ghibli has a significant impact on the anime world. It taught us about life. How to lead life peacefully and happily is the primary concern of this studio. We all have seen animes from this studio. Dresses add magic to the real world. And now, here are the dresses which you can put in your wardrobe.

Ghibli Cosplay kiki Dress
Image- Ghibli

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In the past, after watching the Ghibli animes, we always want to dress like the characters. But then, there is no way to do it unless we made it ourselves. And now, here is the dress as a character from a Studio Ghibli film. Whether for cosplay or regular daily life, we’ve had to use our imaginations and fashion up for our own little outfits.

Now, Studio Ghibli has taken all the hard work out for us as they’ve just announced that they will be selling two official one-piece dresses. It is just like the design from the titular heroine Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The Dark Blue and The Beige:

The dresses come in two variations: the dark blue “Witch’s Essentials” and the beige “Bread Wreath, “referencing the different scraps on the chest. The dark blue dress looks just like the one Kiki wears to work. It is with the same wavy shape and three-quarter length sleeves. This is the outfit Kiki wears while riding her magical broomstick as well. It allows you to conjure up all sorts of magical airborne scenarios.

Ghibli Cosplay
Image- Twitter

When Kiki’s not wearing her navy dress in the film, she can be seen wearing a lighter-colored long smock under a peach-colored apron. The beige-tone “Bread Wreath” dress is said to simulate the outfit from the film while paying homage to the nature-loving side of Kiki. So you can direct her carefree spirit in your day-to-day life.

Ghibli Cosplay 
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The dresses have been outlined for comfort with natural fabric made from cotton and linen and a relaxed fit. They have the designe to wear in two ways: either buttoned up or unbuttoned.  It can also wear as a long, lightweight coat in the style of a traditional haori. The dresses will be available in-store and online at the Donguri Kyowakoku retail chain. The price of these will be 7,480 yen (US$70.51) each.