Gundam Unleashes The Power of Strike Freedom


 Gundam has launched the world of anime to countless mechanical suits across the universes. They have introduced it over the years. It is one of the strongest appearing with the series of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed in the war machine, known as Strike Freedom!

IMAGE: Gundam Meisters

Why 2024 is Important for Strike Freedom?

The year 2024 initially held far more plans for the world of Gundam before the hit of coronavirus pandemic. There is no doubt that the epidemic held massive lose in the anime franchise. And so on the cosplay of any platform. But fans are still diving into the world of war based on Gundam. The mech suit has become one of the attractions for the fans. It is like that the mech suits are exploding and soaring across the galaxy.

Tokyo Summer Olympics and Gundam:

The year 2024 was all set with Gundam to participate in the 2024 Tokyo Summer Olympics. It was under the planned that the “G Satellite” will launch into outer space and sending messages to the world beneath it. Aside from the satellite, the franchise is still finding ways to enter into the real world. The “Walking Gundam” is always set to take its first steps, later this year in Japan.

Image- Twitter

The Walking Gundam:

For those who are not familiar with this term, please focus on this paragraph. It is a life-sized mech suit that will have the actual ability to walk across the plains. But don’t expect it to fly through the sky. Please also don’t assume to pull off some of the trademark moves of the weapons of war! It is already cool in itself! What do more it need?

Instagram Cosplayer ‘TheGirlWithAGreatSmile’ shared an insanely awesome cosplay that shows off the artist’s take on the Freedom Strike Gundam. It has already made a big splash in the anime series of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.