Dragon Ball Art Gives Goku a Fem Makeover in Super Saiyan 4

dragon ball super saiyan 4
Image- Twitter

Dragon Ball Heroes has been the most talked-about aspect of Akira Toriyama’s franchise. Thanks! To a new transformation on Super Saiyan four. One fan artist and Limit Breaker, have imagined this power boost in a spin-off series of Dragon Ball GT. It initially looks like with a feminine touch. It is the technique being put to good use in the anime spin-off as both the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol combination. 

Super Saiyan 4: Dragon Ball

Dragon ball super Saiyan 4
Image- Reddit

Super Saiyan 4 was initially a transformation that was used to battle against the antagonist of Baby in Dragon Ball GT. It was with Goku being the first to achieve it by accessing the power. It was the power of  “Golden Oozaru” and molding it to the form.

Although the Grand Tour might have come to an end, there are still some special place to fan.  In their hearts, it is an ape-like transformation, appearing once again in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. It is in the alternate versions of Goku and Vegeta from the “Xeno-verse.”

Twitter Artist ‘InbetweenGamer’ shared this unique interpretation of what a female Super Saiyan 4 fighter might look like. It is presenting something that has never before been seen across the landscape of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise. So check this thing out!

We haven’t seen a female fighter, gaining the power of Super Saiyan 4 to date. For sure, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has done crazier things in the past. And we wouldn’t put it past the spin-off to introduce something like this in the future. It may be it’s a part of the Big Bang Mission or a season down the line. However, Fu continues his plan to get revenge for his “family” that was a part of the Dark Demon Dimensio. We can look forward to seeing what other surprises are in store for the adventure.