Rhea Ripley Turns Into Super Saiyan After She Homaged Vegeta At WrestleMania


Rhea Ripley: One of WWE Superstar has shown the love for a particular character from the Dragon Ball series silently. This is confirmed when Ripley uploaded a photo of her cosplay as the ‘half human and half machine character’. Her post received many replies from anime fans. According to them, Ripley is so pretty while wearing an Android 18 costume.

Who is  Rhea Ripley?

Demi Bennett is an Australian professional wrestler. She has currently signed with WWE. Here she works on the NXT brand under the ring name Rhea Ripley. She is the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion and also a former NXT Women’s Champion. She is the only person to have won both titles. Now she is the first female Australian champion in WWE history.

Rhea Ripley
Image- twitter

Why Did She Turn Into Super Saiyan?

The story starts when Rhea homepage  Dragon Ball’s Vegeta at  WrestleMania. After her act, anime lovers and her fans began turned her into Super Saiyan. Thus, an artist has turned WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley into a Super Saiyan and tweeted it.

In the reply, Ripley tweeted out a side by side comparison of her outfits from a Riot City Wrestling event from 2015. The thing she wants to highlight is that the most recent WrestleMania where she homaged is Vegeta.

According to Ripley, “Some things never change. Vegeta.” It is a kind of active turning of Rhea Ripley into Android from Dragon Ball Z.


The artist who turned Rhea into super Saiyan is  @The Imaginative Hobbyist. In the Instagram platform, the artist Following Wrestleposted the picture. The Imaginative Hobbyist also wrote, “Couldn’t resist turning Rhea Ripley Super Saiyan after seeing her DBZ cosplay tonight at WrestleMania. This is the way where an anime lover and the WWE champions meet. Rhea is not the only one. We have seen John Cena and Sasha Banks to confess about the anime love, they have!