To The Lake: Netflix Release Updates Of Season 2

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Netflix's latest acquisition might be coming back to your screens after a successful debut season.

Netflix’s latest thriller, To The Lake, is creating buzz with the possibility of a return. After the initial release in Russia, “Epidemiya” is creating a global footprint in the genre. While the world grapples with a virus borne pandemic, the show is almost topical with a very similar throughline concerning a virus outbreak. However, the show came out in 2019 initially barring any speculation on a plan for the time.

In late 2019 (From November), the TV Series started airing episodes on Russian networks and left a great first impact over the viewers. Sensing the quality of the content, Netflix quickly acquired the rights to stream the show over the world.

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A Still from the first season of the show with the virus outbreak survivors trying to make way towards safety.

When is To The Lake planning to return with the second instalment?

The first season of the series consist of 8 episodes, and ever since the viewers were done with binging, they all have the same question. Season Two is inevitable with the events of the first finale of the franchise.

Renenwal of the franchise is already a done deal and there’s no doubt about that. Although, there hasn’t been an official confirmation either from the show or the network. It’s highly likely that Netflix will try to strike a deal with the right-holders of the series. However, the horror genre of the franchise makes it a very in-demand content.

At the moment we can only talk about projections of the release date. Reliable sources place the possible window in the Halloween 2024 range.

Status of Epidemiya and how will the story progress:-

As a contagious viral outbreak, panic and looting ravages the city of Moscow, an unlikely band of families, neighbors, and friends form an alliance for survival. This epidemic is going nowhere soon and the fight for survival will continue.

Presently, there’s no news of the filming beginning for the second installment till early 2024. However, fans don’t need to worry because the streaming giants won’t let go of such a fantastic series.

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