Coronavirus explained: All You Need To Know About It

Image: Netflix

In this time, during lockdown all over the world, people are turning to Netflix for escapism. Apart from entertaining us, Netflix also wants the people to understand the ongoing pandemic. Netflix’s “Coronavirus, explained” is just the right one to know everything about this current pandemic.

‘Coronavirus explained’ is an American documentary. Netflix and Vox media collaborated to make this short series. Keep reading this post to know everything about this documentary.

J.K. Simmons narrates the series, which premiered on April 26, 2024, on Netflix. It is a part of Vox media documentary series “Explained”. This documentary series consists of 2 seasons. Namely ‘Sex, explained’ and ‘The Mind, explained’.

This limited series focuses on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But the production started back in spring 2019.

The production house conducted the interviews in April 2019. These interviews include Bill Gates, Mary McKenna, Dr. Peter Daszak and Joel Montgomery.

The first episode gives an overview of all the earlier pandemics, including the current coronavirus pandemic. Scientists and experts explain what precisely this virus or COVID-19 is and how it all started.

“Coronavirus, explained” is now streaming only on Netflix.