Too Hot To Handle: Is The Show Coming With A Second Season?

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How Too Hot To Handle Might Cast Season 2

Too Hot To Handle – the reality dating show has recently made its way to Netflix. Many viewers have enjoyed the show and are already eager for a new rule-breaking season.

Too Hot To Handle: Can we expect a second season?

Talking about Netflix, it has not yet announced whether a second season of the show will occur or not. However, Love Is Blind which is a similar reality success, was renewed for two more series. This lit a ray of hope for the second season of Too Hot To Handle too.

On the other hand, the narrator of the show, Desiree Burch hinted the fans regarding the second series. She revealed to that she would return for the second series “in a heartbeat”. She added that she was exquisite to see if the show would include LGBT contestants and singles from other countries.

Too Hot To Handle: When can we expect a new season?

Even if the second season for the show gets confirmed, we might have to wait for some time for it to stream till the show gathers a new batch of contestants.

The first series that was released recently had been filmed last year in March and April. It took it a year to make its way to the audience.

Chloe Veitch said, “It was filmed last year. I’ve literally waited a whole year for it to come out.”

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Chloe Veitch From Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle: Where will the season 2 be filmed?

If Netflix confirms the renewal of the show, it might be filmed at the same location as season 1. Season 1, as we know, was shot in Mexico. It was in a private estate known as Casa Tau in the Punta Mita region of the South American country. The isolated divine location is surrounded by over nine miles of Pacific Ocean beaches and coves.

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Inside The Mexico Villa – Too Hot To Handle

However, as per the current conditions of coronavirus pandemic prevailing internationally, the contestants might face it difficult to travel for the show.

It was reported that Love Island producers are preparing for a series 7 to be filmed in the UK. Although it may be hard, there are chances that Too Hot To Handle might follow the same.

What did we witness in season 1?

In the first season, we saw ten singletons connect. They bid to win the jackpot of $1,00,000 under the condition that they abstain from any sort of physical contacts.

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Glimpses From Too Hot To Handle

Throughout the eight-part series, the contestants were seen struggling to keep themselves away from physical connections. However, when few succeeded to accomplish it, few failed miserably!

As per the rules, money was deducted every time a law was broken. Under this rule, there came a time when the cash in the pot went down to $50,000. The main reason behind this was the rapidly building up relationship of Harry and Francesca. However, they were given a chance to earn money back.

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Francesca and Harry on Too Hot To Handle

At the end of the show, the pot was left with $75,000, which was split among the ten contestants. As a result, every contestant won $7,500.

Bryce Hirschberg, Madison Wyborny, Lydia Clyma, and Kori Sampson were the late arrivals on the show. The latter two got eliminated along with Haley Cureton while Matthew ‘Jesus’ Smith voluntarily walked away.

Two stable couples, Harry and Francesca, and Rhonda and Sharron left the retreat as an item.