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Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe: Star Wars Confirms

Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe: It’s taken five films and a Netflix series, but we have confirmation. And that is Star Wars endures in the Jurassic World universe thanks to Camp Cretaceous.

We definitely have confirmation that Star Wars exists in the Jurassic World universe, gratefulness to Camp Cretaceous. Netflix’s PG-rated animated Jurassic World set spin-off of the phenomenally successful Jurassic World films. And it follows the (mis-)fortunes of six inconsistent teens. And as they grapple to survive, Colin Trevorrow’s 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World events. The show’s performances occur concurrently with those of the film. The kids attempt to cross the island and recover to relative safety when the theme turns to disordered carnage. Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe.

Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe:

Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe: Star Wars Confirms

Despite some compelling and anxious set pieces, the movie went well. And the film has received a mixed acceptance. And that is due to what any critics called unoriginal character designs and thin plotting. It’s not without its imperfections. And but there’s no doubting that the series captures the rebooted Jurassic World franchise’s tone. And which, to be honest to Camp Cretaceous‘s creators, isn’t too tightly drafted either. (as determined by the crater-sized plotholes left behind by the 2018 episode Fallen Kingdom) One thing that Camp Cretaceous can undeniably possess, though, is a bit of hitherto-unseen franchise crossover.

Thanks to seldom insufferable self-proclaimed “alpha male” Kenji Kon. And fans of the franchise can now say for sure that the Star Wars films exist in the universe of Jurassic World. When the character seizes a flashlight from the monorail’s wall. And he passionately imitates a lightsaber (whooshing sounds and everything). He perceives that this’s the first piece of working devices the group has encountered since their arrival. He then punctually drops it, which is very in-character. And as is Kenji regarding himself as the heroic Jedi in this and every adventure.

Star Wars Existed In Jurassic Park Universe:

Still, better late than nevermore, and there’s no better bit for Kenji to reference the Star Wars films. And then in this brief bit of comic relief. After all, Lucas’ nine-film saga is famous for balancing pathos, action, and laughs, and indeed Kenji’s jokes soon prove to be some essential relief. 

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