Borat Sequel, Featuring Compromising Rudy Giuliani Scene, Drops Early on Amazon Ahead of Presidential Debate

Borat Sequel

Borat Sequel: Approximately 45 minutes before the ultimate presidential debate began. And the fictional Donald Trump supporter Borat Sagdiyev tweeted a video. The video was about “protecting” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He was protecting what he describes an “an innocent sexy-time encounter” in Borat: Subsequent Movieflim. Borat then demonstrates that the encounter — part of which was secretly shot for the film. And now is being “turned into something offensive by fake news media.” He recommends that, if anyone else ventures to Besmirch Giuliani. And then, America’s Mayor will “arrive into his legal claims and whip out his subpoenas.”

Barot Sequel:

Borat is, of course, the fictional Kazakh alter character of Sacha Baron Cohen. He is promoting the sequel to his 2006 hit Borat. The sequence Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. As first published by sources, that movie acquired by Amazon. The film became accessible in the U.S. on Amazon Prime Thursday night.

The subject’s view highlights Giuliani in a record with Borat’s young girl Tutur (played by actress Maria Bakalova). And who is pretending as a reporter? After people chat for a bit, she requests Giuliani for a drink in her hotel bedroom. As he rests down toward the bed, Giuliani says, “You can give me your phone number and your address.” And while hitting Tutur on the back. She then tries to eliminate his microphone before he leans back flat on the bed. And seems to be putting his hand down his pants.

Thursday’s Twitter post one of several splendid promotional bits conducted by Baron Cohen and Amazon on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, a massive blowup Borat was set to float down London’s River Thames to mark the sequel’s ship.

Concurrent to the final presidential debate, a global awareness party followed by a Q&A and “dance party with Borat himself.”

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