4 Ways AI Technology Will Speed Up Your Photo Editing

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Editing photographs you have captured is equally as important as actually making them. When you snap something you are hardly done with the whole thing. You have only captured something and now you have a digital copy of it, but the real job starts once you begin to edit it and bring it more to life. 

Photographers and editors far and wide know the value of a good photo and how much time editing it can take. Therefore, they usually look for the best software to use and help their case. And there is hardly anything better these days than AI technology when the right kind of efficiency and speed in photo editing are concerned.

This article contains all the information you will need about the best ways in which artificial intelligence can help you and speed up the process of editing. If you wish to find out even more on the matter we highly advise you to read more here.

About AI in General

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Chances are you already know what AI or artificial intelligence is. It has been around for years in many other industries and on various platforms, all of which are far better off now that they have it. AI is basically machine learning, or the ability of technology made up of software and hardware that can learn certain things and use them on its own later. In certain scenarios it makes much more sense than traditional way of performing tasks by humans. 

In other cases, it speeds things up because over time the technology learns the patterns and picks new things up, calculates them and becomes able to anticipate them. A lot of it is actually forecasting based on a library and inventory of the already learned and examined processes. The more input the software gets over time the more intelligent it will become. Before long you will only have to feed it the bare minimum of data and it will spit out a finished product on its own. 

AI and automation are often mistaken for one and the same thing but they are actually quite different. The process of automation is simply introducing technology and innovative software to the processes in order to keep up with the time. The systems become better in every sort of way since new tech is now available. AI on the other hand gives that same, and new tech, near absolute independence. Automation require manually set parameters in order for the sequences to happen, while AI does it on its own. 

The Ways It Helps

Let us now determine in what ways AI tech really helps in the editing of photographs and its speed.

1. More Work at Once

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One of the things those working with photos hate the most is when they have large batches of similar edits on their plate that they have to complete in a short period of time. In such scenarios, having a software that can easily notice the similarities and react to them accordingly goes a long way. The more similar photos you load up the quicker the next one will be analyzed. You may even be able to change the default settings based on the details the software has scanned and start with much of the picture already edited.

2. Custom and Preexisting Tools at Hand

As someone who edits photos for a living, or at least as a main hobby and part-time job, you probably have your go-to settings and changes. What is more, they may vary from format to format or based on the type of picture. For example, if you usually take high resolution snaps of scenery that is one type. When you take macro snaps of objects, that is another.

Pictures of food should be differently edited than those of people. Well, the artificial intelligence in your editing software knows this and therefore it gives you suggestions and options as soon as you start editing and start your next project. As mentioned, the more you do of the same thing the quicker it will pick up your most used tools and track the time you spend with each thing. Then, next time around, it will already pick the things for you and it will reflect in a faster completed project.

3. It Saves Money

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How can it save money, we hear you ask? Well, this is not applicable to everyone but rather those who do not have enough time to edit all of their work so them must employ third-party editors or hire more editors to help. AI will take over for you and it will render and edit parts of every photo for you before you even get to it. It will take some time until it is able to do this much but eventually it will get there and you will feel like the work is being done for you and yet you will still be all by your lonesome. Never going over the budget again is the most important part of trying to save up for new ways in which you can expand your business.

4. Simple Edits Become Almost Non-Existent

For the very same reason we mentioned multiple times above, the simplest of projects you have to perform will be done in mere minutes. In any type of work people are usually fed up with the smallest of tasks because you have to spend time doing something so little (and often cheap) when you can be focusing your time and effort on something far more important. Well, since you will be editing in numerous ways and with a wide variety of tools, the software will utilize its machine learning capabilities and learn the ways in which easier tasks are done. Simple edits will be finished in a near instant and you will actually have more time on your hands for the things you deem important. 


These are just four of the most important ways in which an AI editing software for photographs can help you speed up tour work, satisfy more clients, and have more revenue at the end of the day. How much more convincing do you need to finally get along with the times and get yourself this incredible software?