How to Become a Successful Online Poker Player in 2024


Sitting around a table playing poker with your friends or heading to your local casino is now in the past. Nowadays, it’s all about the thrill of playing online. There are thousands of online casinos across the internet, with most offering virtual and live poker games for you to get involved in.

But does this game differ from the real-life version you’ve gotten so good at? Or how do you become a winner at online poker when you’re only a beginner? Of course, the tactics change throughout the years, but we’re here to tell you the best tips on becoming the ultimate online poker player in 2024.

What is online poker?


Luckily for those who have played poker before, online poker doesn’t differ much. The rules are the same, no matter what form of poker you play.

Poker is a comparing card game where you need to wager different amounts of money/chips based on which hand is best amongst the players. Each game is played with a standard deck of cards and whether the cards are dealt face up or down depends on whether you’re playing stud or draw poker.

The same applies when playing a game on any of the popular online poker sites out there. The main difference is that the poker game tends to be much faster when you’re online, and you can reduce risk by playing for smaller amounts.

A downfall to online poker is that you won’t be able to see the faces of the strangers you’re playing against. This makes it difficult to tell if someone is bluffing, but with the right strategies and research, it’s still easy to come out on top and for more information you can visit

Develop the perfect strategy

No matter where you play poker, you can’t succeed if you don’t have a strong strategy.

As you enter the world of online poker, you will want to start using the ‘TAG’ strategy. This stands for ‘tight and aggressive’ and means you need to be selective or ‘tight’ about the hands you decide to play to provide yourself with a higher chance of winning.

You also want to become highly aggressive before and during the flop. This involves raising or re-raising before you enter the pot and continuing your aggression with a continuation bet during the flop.

TAG players are some of the best online poker players and are very difficult to play against. Since you’re only playing good hands and come in strong each time, it is harder for others to win, and instead, you’ll be the one rolling in the winnings.

Use this strategy each time, and you’re sure to succeed.

Pick the right game for you


It’s all well and good having a solid strategy ready, but you won’t be able to succeed without finding the best game, bonuses, and perks to take advantage of. The problem is there are many poker games on various sites to choose from, so you need to sift through the masses to choose the perfect one.

A start would be looking up reviews of different online casinos and seeing what other poker players say about their games. You can’t get much better than the advice of someone else in your shoes so take what these different people are saying on board.

Don’t settle for the biggest site with the most games because this isn’t always the most beneficial poker game to play. You will want to compare sign-up bonuses and tournaments and see which ones provide the best winnings. This information can also be found on review websites, so do your research before playing.

Practice, practice, practice

The last thing you want to do is play your first online poker game without experience and come out at a loss. That’s why you will want to get a fair amount of practice before playing your first live game against real people with real money.

There are a large number of free-to-play poker apps and sites where you can play against people with a similar skill level. You don’t need to place any real money into the pot, so you can practice your strategy and skills without worrying about losing.

When you want to play your first real online poker game but don’t want to risk too much too soon, you can play a low-stakes game. This is when the buy-in is much lower, and if you do happen to lose, you won’t lose too much money.

Control your spending


Once you’re on a roll in a poker game, it can be tempting to keep placing more money into the pot and increasing the stakes. However, when you want to be a great poker player, you must ensure you aren’t going too overboard with your spending.

Each month, you’ll need to figure out your typical income, bills, and debts and then take only a portion of it out for playing online poker. Gambling experts have recommended that you shouldn’t spend more than 2% of your monthly ingoings on poker.

So, you can either play one big game with a more significant buy-in or more games throughout the month with a smaller contribution.

Keep a clear mind

You want to be sharp when using your strategy on a real money online poker game, so you will need to pick a time of day when you are least tired or worn out. You don’t want to compete in the middle of the night, right before bed, because your thinking may not be as on point as usual.

If you’re tired, frustrated, or emotional, you may risk making the wrong decisions. The same applies if you are drinking alcohol because this can alter your state of mind and clarity of the game.

You need a stable mind to become a great poker player, so keep that in mind when you want to play your next game.

Get ready to play

Once you follow these tips, you’re ready to enter a real money online poker game and come back with some serious winnings.

Start browsing the review sites, brush up on your skills via the free-to-play games, and become the online poker master.