Top 5 Tips for Playing Online Poker


The gaming industry is rapidly growing to attract even more devoted fans. Playclass=”id99″ers of games are always looking for new experiences. To pull in new players, games developers have to constantly come up with new ideas, this is regularly featured each year at Canada’s EGLX 2024 (Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo).

Trends that have made a big impact this year include the emergence of eSports. This industry-changing slice of gaming action concentrates on professional gamers streaming competitions across the world. It has provided a new focus on the potential of gaming as an interactive event to watch and participate in.

Another big trend this year has been the ongoing popularity of classic games. These are titles that endure and continue to offer new experiences to devoted followers.

Games such as Age of Empires, Warcraft and Diablo have recently made additions and expansions to their original edition years after the initial release.

Gamers often enjoy having a reassuring game and format they know well. This is still the case even in an age of greater technological development.

The same is also true of fans of classic card games such as Poker that are now well established online. Online poker could be seen as a further example of an older game given new status online. You can see some great resources here.

How to Play the Best Poker Game Online

Players looking to enjoy a game of poker online on sites like 888pokerCA have a wealth of options of poker games. But to really make the most of the online poker experience it pays to level up in skills and experience. Here are some tips for how to get better at poker online.

1. Know the Rules


There is a wide variety of poker games online. The different variations include different rules that a player must be aware of to experience the game in full.

For example, two hugely popular versions of poker enjoyed by many online are Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em. So Omaha vs Hold’em, what are the differences?

The first main difference between the two styles of games is that in Omaha there are four hole cards and two in Hold’em. Hole cards are cards dealt face down which other players will not see until being revealed.

This generally means that it is easier to make big scoring hand in Omaha. However, in Omaha exactly two of those hole cards must be used to make a hand from the five available. In Hold’em, a player does not have this regulation and can do as they please with the hole cards.

It is rule differences such as these that players should be aware of when discovering which game they want to play.

2. Calculate Hand Rankings

Poker is a card game of rankings and values. Any player who does not know the value of their hand will be lost in the game. That is why it always makes sense to calculate the value of a hand as the game goes on.

Knowing the basics of card values will always help with making decisions in the game. It will also instil confidence in gameplay. In most five-card poker games the top to bottom value lists for hands is usually very similar. A Royal Flush of Ace, King, Queen. Jack and 10 all in the same suit will invariably be the strongest possible hand.

Other closer hand values, such as the fact that four-of-a-kind will beat a full-house, are important to know. This knowledge will enable the player to make quicker and more confident decisions in selection and play.

3. Be aware of the Psychology of Play


The Psychology of gaming is an important feature of playing poker. Players that can understand and delve into the behavioural models of gaming will improve their chances in competition.

Confidence is a key part of this and is a major part of the art of the bluff, which poker is well known for. Players with the confidence to play to the best of their strengths, no matter what their cards hold, will win more often than those that don’t.

4. Learn to Be Aggressive

Aggressive play in poker is sometimes linked to bluffing, in the fact that it makes use of all-round confidence. However, a player can play their cards to their values in an aggressive way to increase the chances of winning.

The fact is, if two players both have marginal or weak hands it is the player who makes the bets and plays aggressively who will stand more chance of taking the money. Passive playing strategy may be safer, but it also diminishes the chances of winning.

5. Know the Terminology


Poker is full of different words and phrases that describe the action on the table. Knowing what it means to make a ‘raise’ or a ‘call’ along with all the other expressions is another essential in becoming a better player.

As a player begins to experience the multitude of game variants, they will soon discover how much specialised language there is. While it may seem like a lot to take in, it will get easier with more games played. Staying patient and learning more will pay off in terms of comfort and confidence.

Playing more is the best way to get better at any game, whether it’s learning to improve your shooting skills in Destiny 2 or calculating when to make your move on Poker. But along with practice should come a focused and calm desire to learn more and improve.