Best Platforms to Place Bets on Online Gaming


The euphoria associated with online gaming seems to have taken over the internet community. Like the famed Olympic Games and football tournaments, online gaming contests attract spectators to stadiums while millions more can catch the action from live-streaming platforms.

It’s not only online video games or e-sports that allow gamers to participate in the action, but also online casinos are part of the online gaming arena. You can play slots, table games and live casino games by visiting this site and transactions are made even easier by Blik. Avid players can spin reels and deal cards or participate in promotional tournaments.

So, how did online gaming transition from ‘geek’ culture to a mainstream activity offering huge prizes? Or a lucrative betting platform with various betting markets?

Gaming has been part and parcel of culture from the latter part of Gen X through Millenials and now Gen Z. With its exciting appeal, online gaming has risen tremendously, attracting a larger audience.

The entry of high-speed internet into the mix enables notable gaming designers to focus on online multiplayer features of a game, drawing in more players. No wonder South Korea is at the forefront of online gaming, with about 80% of the population connected to the internet.

Apart from South Korea, the US and Poland also have a booming online gaming market. What are some of the best platforms to place bets on online gaming before diving into them?

Skins Betting On CSGO


Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) moves beyond the thrill of action-packed gaming by allowing gamers to acquire and exchange skins plus other in-game items.

Players can customise their characters to improve gameplay, while other players have devised ingenious ways of trading and gambling CSGO skins. With the excitement of owning unique skins, different trading sites have come up where players can buy or sell and acquire trading tips relating to skins.

For instance, the AK-47 Case Hardened is a favourite among players with comparable goods selling for high figures, with one skin selling for an estimated $150,000 on a live stream.

League Of Legends


Gamers looking for a fantasy-themed, real-time strategy game can join the LoLs fan club. The game features an online multiplayer battling arena where players aim to destroy each other’s base.

The over 175 tradeable in-game items boost a player’s gaming experience through unique abilities and offer a fascinating trading opportunity. Bettors can take advantage of League of Legends’ competitive edge courtesy of its upset-friendly and fast-paced nature.

Dota 2


Part of online gaming’s meteoric rise, especially e-sports, can be credited to one of the Defence of the Ancients series, Dota 2. Drawing inspiration from the Warcraft III game, Dota 2 attracts nearly half a million players at any given point.

A group of five players work together to protect their fort and aim to attack the opponent’s ‘Ancient’ structure. With a massive online gaming arena, there are fascinating betting markets to consider while playing Dota 2 that include:

  • Total or Over/Under: Bet both teams’ score or overall number
  • Total Maps: Number of maps expected by the end of the game
  • Match Winner: Winner of the overall ever

Online Casino – Boomerang


For casino players, Boomerang has a conducive platform where gamers can place bets while having a memorable gaming experience. From slots, poker and Blackjack to live games, feel free to bet against the house and increase your gaming exposure.

The Boomerang-Blik online casino isn’t the only site gaining popularity among Polish players. Other famous online games, such as video games and e-sports, are becoming fan favourites. A recent report indicated Poland ranks top 20 in the world thanks to its e-sports market.

Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege is the answer if a gamer is searching for a tactical-shooting game. With more than five years in the market, Rainbow Six Siege features multiple seasons a year with an ever-changing Most Effective Tactic Available (META).

The game’s highly competitive nature, Ubisoft as the software developer and the ESL Pro League raising the bar for global tournaments, sets RS Siege on an upward rise in the online gaming sector.

Rocket League


Rocket League takes the concept of football to another level with its use of cars instead of people. Psyonix, the developer, ensures an easy walkthrough for players by setting up two divisions; the Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS) and the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

The RLRS is like the Premier League equivalent, while the RLCS is EFL Championship, with funding and organisation still done by Psyonix. Expect exciting betting markets from the Rocket League Championship Series with upwards of $100 million investment as prize money for eSports competitions.



Still, in line with eSports competition, Overwatch’s bold approach of setting up teams into conferences through the Overwatch League (OWL) has proven to be a game changer. Players get to play matches like any typical sport, and while the previous seasons featured four stages, subsequent seasons have a season-long system with knockouts at the finals.

Overwatch 2 is already set in motion, and developers Blizzard is relishing the chance to offer players a better gaming experience. For instance, a home-and-away system is in the works, with each team having its own unique eSports home ground.

StarCraft II


Considered a top real-time strategy game, StarCraft II is a sequel to the StarCraft/Brood War games and continues the story of the Terrans, Zergs and Protoss.

StarCraft II has a specific target: players construct bases using minerals, build an army from the amassed minerals to form a powerful army and deploy the forces to overcome fellow players.

Apart from a new twist to enhance the game’s competitive edge, StarCraft II has weekly tournaments throughout the year. StarCraft remains a formidable title in the online gaming betting market with continuous updates from Blizzard Entertainment and a vibrant eSports scene.

In the international set-up, various Polish players recognised including Jarosław “Pasha” Jarząbkowski, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Filip “NEO” Kubski, who are inspiring the next generation of Polish online gamers.

The US has a formidable online gaming community as the e-gaming culture has been ingrained into its DNA. Competitions are organised between high schools all over the country, and it’s only a matter of time before online gaming eclipses fantasy sports in e-sports.