Big Mouth Season 4: Unknown Facts, Release Date, Plot and More!


Big Mouth Season 4 is on its way, and hopefully, fans will not have to wait long for it!

Big Mouth Season 4 landed on Netflix in October and fans are already asking for the series renewal.

So its good news that Big Mouth Season 4 has been confirmed and will strike with more episodes about relatable, intimate problems and sassy hormone monsters.

Big Mouth revolves around New York teenagers who view the world through their surrealistic lens.

One of Big Mouth’s co-creators, Nick Kroll voices Nick Birch.

Nick Birch is an awkward kid who’s arguably less embarrassing than his best friend Andrew Glouberman, voiced by John Mulaney.

In Big Mouth Season 3, the story builds up around a superhero-themed season finale, which is more focused towards the love triangle involving Nick, Andrew, and Missy Foreman-Greenwald (Jenny Slate).

Big Mouth Season 4: Release Date

A new season of Big Mouth has landed on Netflix every year since 2017.

If they follow their trend, then we can expect Big Mouth Season 4 to land on Netflix in late September or early October 2024.


Also noting that Big Mouth released a Valentine’s Day special in February 2019, so we can hope for another such special treat before the actual Big Mouth season 4 premiere.

Big Mouth Season 4: Cast and Crew

Netflix is yet to announce the new cast for Big Mouth Season 4, but changes in the previous voice cast are highly unlikely.


That means fans should expect to hear the Kroll as mentioned earlier, Mulaney, and Slate, as well as other regulars such as Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele. Knowing Big Mouth’s history, season 4 will feature lots of excellent recurring and guest voices too.

Big Mouth Season 4: Plot and What to Expect?

Big Mouth Season 3 finale was an epic showdown that left us on a cliff-hanger as superhero body liquid versions of Rocky IV stars Dolph Lundgren, and Sylvester Stallone starts a brawl.

Andrew’s jealousy about Nick and Melissa’s kiss has been the main focus of the drama, along with the various Big Mouth characters’ superhero personas after a storm.

Nick confesses that he does not like Melissa, which sparks more chaos among all the boys and girls.


After Andrew squished himself against a flag pole, Big Mouth viewers may be concerned about his physical health.

And Melissa has lots to think about being dismissed and labelled as a dork – expect this Big Mouth character to listen more closely to hormone monsters moving forward. 

It is expected that Big Mouth Season 4 will obviously revolve around Andrew’s decision to end his friendship with Nick, but that drama should be partially resolved rather quickly.

The Big Mouth season 3 finale is all about how the characters choose to embrace or dismiss superhero personas and their self-image. 

For Big Mouth season 4, the power dynamics will shift once again as the hormone monsters inspire the teenagers to either be real with themselves or to present a specific image to the world.