Black Summer Season 2: Updates on Production and Details Here!

Black Summer

Black Summer is a fictional, action, drama series. Jodi Binstock serves as the producer while Karl Schaefer and John Hyams worked on the creation of this drama. All the eight episodes of Season 1 screened on Netflix, on April 11, 2019. The drama got renewed for a second season in November 2019. It too will have eight seasons.

Season 2 Production~

The filming for Black Summer Season 2 started early, this 2020. But due to the pandemic spread the production halted like the other works. They planned on continuing in April 2024, but since the epidemic lasted longer than any of us had planned the scheduled longer.

Black Summer scene

Someone reported that the cast started the filming two weeks ago at High River Alberta, a town in Canada. Now, they have moved to the South of Calgary, Alberta for filming the airfield for Black Summer Season 2.

On August 31, 2024, Jaime King (Rose) revealed a tweet which mentions the start of Season 2 shoot.

The Season 1 of this zombie series ended with Rose finally reconciling with her daughter, Anna, who disappeared during the evacuation. But, the zombies still pose a threat to the survivors. They are not someone who can be easily messed with. The emotional reunion at the end of Black Summer Season 1 does not indicate the end of zombies. So, Season 2 will definitely feature Rose and the others trying to for plans and plots to eradicate the zombie catastrophe.

Black Summer

The production companies and Network have not come up with a release date yet. But, as the filming has started, we can expect it to come around during spring 2024 or mid-2021. 

Black Summer!

The first season received a lot of positive reviews. The audience loved the apocalypse and plot. And hence, Netflix went forward for announcing and passing the decision for another season. Thus, the zombie lovers now seem much excited for this second instalment.

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