The Queen’s Gambit: What Do We Know So Far!

The Queen's Gambit
Credits: Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is an upcoming American drama web television miniseries. Scott Frank serves as the director and the executive producer for this production. The plot seems taken from the novel which goes by the same name as the series, by Walter Tevis. Along with Scott Frank, Adam Scott developed this miniseries, and he also serves as the executive producer.

Details on this Mini!

The Queen’s Gambit presents as a Netflix Original play. It will come out on our screen on October 23, 2024. The season 1 will focus on having six episodes. The filming mostly took place in Cambridge, Ontario, and Canada.

The miniseries actually releases as a Netflix Limited Original Series. This means that the season 1 will cover the whole story. But, if the writer adds to the plot, then we can expect a season 2.


The Queen's Gambit Netflix Poster
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What’s gonna happen in The Queen’s Gambit?

Beth Harmon, an orphan, at the age of 8, became aware of her powers. She developed a natural sense in playing chess. When she turn sweet sixteen, Beth competes in the national level competitions. She seems adored by many players. And by the age of 22, she takes over the title of becoming a Grand Chess Champion. With development over time, she’s put under a lot of pressure for her games and talents. The world has an eye on her. This misleads Beth to crushing her years of truth and hard-work. Drugs and addictions change her! The grandeur no longer suffices in her in The Queen’s Gambit.

Beth Harmon


Cast in The Queen’s Gambit miniseries:

  • Anya Taylor-Joy well known from The Witch, as Beth Harmon.
  • Moses Ingram as Jolene, another orphan.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Benny Watts, Beth’s chess opponent.
  • Marielle Heller from the Diary of a Teenage Girl, here, as Mrs Alma, Beth’s adoptive parent.
  • Harry Melling as Harry Beltik, another chess player in The Queen’s Gambit.
  • Bill Camp from the Joker, as Mr Shaibel, the one who introduces Beth to chess.
  • Rebecca Root, and too play in this series, but their character yet remain unannounced.

A lot of audience remain excited to welcome this series on the screens.

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