Bonding Season 2: Is It Renewed? When Will It Arrive?

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Bonding is an American web television series on Netflix. It is based on dark comedy. The series takes us on a comic rollercoaster ride as we see Tiff and Pete reconnecting.

Bonding Season 2: Renewed!

The first season of the series aired on April 24, 2019. The series got renewed for the second season on January 16, 2024.

“We over here at Bonding couldn’t be a producer or more excited to bring you another chapter in the story of Tiff & Pete with Season 2,” said Doyle.

He also described how he was thrilled to be working with the BDSM community. Doyle further thanked Netflix as well as the viewers all over the world. He ended with, “See you soon with more Bonding!”

Season 1 of the series consisted of seven episodes of about 20 minutes each.

Bonding season 2 would most probably air this year. Netflix decides that the season will have ten episodes with longer runtimes.

The Story so far

In season 1, we see Tiff, who is a grad student in New York City. For Tiff, her sexually explicit job is a mere business, not a pleasure. Tiff gets reconnected with Pete, her former high school BFF.

Pete is a recently out gay man whom she recruits to be her assistant and assigns him tasks as cleaning up and serving as her bodyguard. This professional relationship redefines their friendship and helps them find themselves.

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There are many new things to discover in season 2 for which the fans have been waiting since long. How will the relations of Tiff and Pete proceed further is to be revealed in the season to come.

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Bonding Season 2: Who is in the cast?

Rightor Doyle has created Bonding.

Image: Just Jared
Zoe Levin and Brendan Scannell Host ‘Bonding’ Screening With Creator
  • Zoe Levin as Tiff (Tiffany Chester)
  • Brendan Scannell as Pete
  • Alex Hurt as Frank
  • Micah Stock as Doug
  • Theo Stockman as Josh
  • D’Arcy Carden as Daphne
  • Stephanie Styles as Kate
  • Eric Berryman as Andy
  • Gabrielle Ryan as Portia
  • Charles Gould as Fred
  • Matthew Wilkas as Rolph
  • Jade Elysan as Cat
  • Alysha Umphress as Murphy
  • Amy Bettina as Chelsea
  • Stephen Reich as Trevor