Code 8 streaming on Netflix, all about the cast, plot and superpowers.

Code 8 movie

Know all about the most popular movie on Netflix right now, Code 8.

This Canadian science-fiction movie has recently come out on Netflix on 11th April 2023. The movie is a feature-length version of a short film with the same name. It revolves around people with superpowers who are forced to live in poverty.

The trailer came out on 31st October 2019. Have a look!

Code 8 Plot

The movie shows Connor Reed (Played by Robbie Amell) who earlier worked as a construction worker, struggling to meet the medical expenses of his mother who’s suffering from cancer. He has a superpower of absorbing and producing electrical current. Later, he gets involved in the dark world of illegal trafficking and becomes a part of a gang. The whole of the criminal gang turns out to be full of superpowers.

The movie ends with a lot of mystery and unanswered questions.

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Cast and characters in Code 8

Here’s a list of the cast and some information about their characters in the movie:

Stephen Amell as Garret: A man who can move objects using his mind and one of the main characters in the movie.

Vlad Alexis as Freddie: Gifted with super strength, he can pick-up really heavy objects and throw them away.

A still from Code 8
(IMAGE: Pinterest)

Laysla De Oliveria: Garret’s girlfriend who has the superpower of being able to control heat. She is a Pyrokinetic.

Connor Meets as Marcus Sutcliffe: He can read people’s minds and is the main man of the drug ring.

Kyla Kane as Nia: She is a young girl and a ‘Healer’ possessing the ability to heal injuries and sickness. She is unfortunately indebted to the drug ring leader, Marcus.

Is it worth watching?

The movie is indeed worth watching! It has received an enormous response. Performances of the whole cast are being appreciated. This movie presents the lives of people possessing superpowers in a very different and relatable light.

Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell in Code 8
(IMAGE: Pinterest)

Usually, Sci-fi movies are great to watch but hard to relate to. But, this one does the job pretty well! Furthermore, producers of the movie who are also cousins, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, have played major characters in the film.

The IMDb rating of Code 8 is 6.1/10. However, people seem to be loving it a lot more now.

Sequel and its plot

After the huge applaud that the movie received, the new Quibi app will be developing a sequel in the form of a series. Also, the news that Amell cousins, Robbie and Stephen will be starring the series is confirmed.

Moreover, reports suggest that it will be set a little ahead in time following the events of the first part of Code 8. In the series, Connor and Garret will fight the corrupt cops of Lincoln City as per sources.

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for more updates!