New Cryptocurrency Design Trends


With the recent cryptocurrency explosion, the need for compelling designs that stand out is higher than ever. Many new designs encapsulate the idea that crypto is the future, utilizing new digital imaging technology. Other designs are more straightforward, emphasizing that the crypto age is already upon us.

The pandemic saw a cryptocurrency explosion. With dozens of coins on the market worth $2.6 trillion at the time of writing, there’s much at stake. So creating looks for cryptocurrencies that turn heads is critical in a gigantic industry, there are tips by Depositphotos.

How is Cryptocurrency Created?


So, what is a cryptocurrency, and how is it made?

Experienced developers create cryptocurrency through a code called ‘blockchain’.  The technology is complex, so many crypto developers prefer to modify existing currency codes into something else.

Nevertheless, blockchain is the basis of cryptocurrency.  It’s an encrypted technology that links necessary data through cryptography.  Additionally, it’s completely decentralized. As a result, no third parties, like banks or governments, can regulate these transactions.

Finally, cryptocurrencies can take the form of coins or tokens. For coins, developers must create a blockchain from scratch. On the other hand, tokens may borrow from existing code or use a specialized platform.

Top Trends in Cryptocurrency Design in 2024

Those who follow news about cryptocurrency know about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and dozens more. So what is it that makes these names stand out?

Besides publicity and the innovative technology behind them, these memorable cryptocurrencies have unique, eye-catching designs.  For those looking to start a new digital token or create the next Bitcoin from scratch, neglecting artistic elements is a huge mistake.

There are dozens of cryptocurrency design themes out there.  However, we’ve narrowed it down to the most influential eight of 2024. So take a look below for inspiration.

1. Futurism


Cryptos represent the future, so the popularity of the futurism design trend makes sense.  Ethereum fronts this design with its abstract, levitating crystal logo.

Futuristic designs demonstrate staying power. While you might not become a universal currency by tomorrow, you show that your cryptocurrency is looking forward. Moreover, planting this idea in investors’ heads pays handsomely.

Cryptos that use other design elements typically use futurism, too.  As a broad trend, common themes like showing circuitry or a globe surrounded by glowing webs encapsulate futurism, while remaining within their design categories.

2. Coins and Tokens


Bitcoin defined the classic ‘coins and tokens’ look as the first cryptocurrency.  Even those who know very little about cryptocurrency are familiar with Bitcoin’s logo, featuring an uppercase B with vertical slashes.

Thus, the standard ‘coin’ look can elevate a cryptocurrency to the status of the U.S. dollar, Euro, and British Pound.  It’s no wonder Bitcoin remains the face of crypto, although it faces many contenders eager to dethrone it.

3. Minimalism

Crypto designs that forego complex graphics are the most notable. Minimalism takes advantage of the fact that less is more. The quicker someone can look at a design and commit it to memory, the bigger the impression.

Minimalism can be many things. Each design trend in this list could use elements of minimalism. For example, a currency showing a holograph of Earth could simplify the graphic to one that’s easy to draw or print. Plus, minimalistic designs display better on all screens, regardless of resolution.

4. Circuitry and Interconnected Webs


Another recent crypto design trend is a visual representation of the underlying tech. For example, interconnected webs and circuitry show how crypto takes advantage of the internet and connected lines of code.

You interpret these designs as showing blockchain technology in action. Ripple, for example, features several interconnected webs on their site. While many folks have never heard of Ripple, its unique design has given it a loyal fanbase.

5. Blue and Neon


Nothing catches the eye like bright, neon colors. The color blue shows up often in cryptocurrency designs, likely because popular culture depicts the future as a time of glowing holograms.

If for no other reason than aesthetic appeal, blue and neon crypto design has surged. People enjoy color and complexity. If viewing your crypto’s site rewards visitors with a pleasing visual experience, they’re more likely to spread the word.

6. Community

Showing the human side of cryptocurrency is a welcome contrast to the faceless, all-digital theme of cryptos like Bitcoin. So, to get a leg-up on today’s crypto behemoths, presenting humanity in a digital currency design is a great idea.

Community designs show that while computers secure your cryptocurrency, the technology serves and benefits humans. You may also see cryptocurrencies use other design trends alongside a community aesthetic, such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

These examples incorporate futurism and minimalism, while depicting humans using these currencies as they go about their routine.

7. 3D

3D designs represent cryptocurrencies as real and tangible. However, while they exist solely in computers, crypto has an enormous real-world impact that 2D designs don’t get across.

Plus, 3D designs stick out — literally.  Despite the trend’s rise in popularity, most cryptocurrencies move forward with 2d designs. Adding another dimension to crypto design is an excellent way to stand out and persuade potential investors to research your coin or token.

8. Globes


The thinking of globe designs is straightforward. Cryptocurrencies seek to change the world by overturning conventional financial institutions. Thus, a globe design shows worldwide accessibility.

Additionally, the idea of interconnectedness is enforced through cryptocurrency. Every citizen, regardless of country, may partake in a global economy. Investors are most interested in cryptocurrencies shooting for worldwide acceptance, and a design should show that.


With numerous cryptocurrencies on the market, a memorable design is a key to cutting through the competition. Taking a look at the designs of the biggest cryptos, while giving your new currency a unique take goes a long way.

For creative folks, the need for cryptos to find their signature look presents an unprecedented opportunity. Cryptocurrency has quickly become a multi-trillion-dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing. So being the lucky one behind the next crypto king’s design is an unmatchable honor — an honor that’ll make you rich.