How Dual Fuel Tariffs Can Save You Money


UK energy consumers can choose from a variety of different utility providers on Utility Bidder. Being aware of the best deals and offers can help consumers choose the cheapest offers for gas and electricity. In this article, we address some of the frequently asked questions about a dual ammunition tariff. The information here will help you make a cost-effective choice for your dual fuel provider.

What Is Dual Fuel?


A dual fuel tariff is when you receive your electricity and gas from the same provider. The energy supplier can set a variable or fixed rate for the utilities. Utility providers try to attract more consumers by offering them discounted rates on a dual fuel tariff. A dual fuel tariff has some of the cheapest rates for electricity and gas, especially if you can get locked in on a low-priced fixed rate.

It is advisable to get offers from multiple utility providers before choosing the most economical option. Always take into consideration the utility provider’s customer satisfaction rates in addition to their prices. Be aware of the different kinds of exit fees that you can incur, from your current provider, before switching to another provider to make the right decision.

How To Know If You Are On A Dual Fuel Tariff?

A copy of your most recent bill can help you determine whether you are on a dual fuel tariff or not. Another way to find out is to contact your present energy provider. Sometimes consumers have different providers for electricity and gas. There is no way you can be on a dual fuel tariff if you have separate providers for electricity and gas.

You may be using a meter if you are a prepayment customer. You will need to choose a fixed or variable rate with your energy provider. Remember, an energy provider’s default rate is always the most expensive option.

Is A Dual Fuel Deal Always The Cheapest Option?


Getting electricity and gas from the same energy supplier can be an economical option. Getting a dual ammunition deal will also save you from the hassle of dealing with two different energy suppliers. In most cases, dual ammunition deals will be cheaper than buying electricity and gas from separate providers. But this is not always the most cost-effective option in all cases.

Some of the big six providers have the highest rates on their dual fuel tariffs. According to Energy UK, nearly half a million consumers switched providers in November last year. Almost 2.1 million consumers switched away from the big six providers from January to November last year. Smaller energy providers are providing much more competitive rates in comparison to the big six providers.

Your energy bill will reflect your overall energy consumption. It might be worthwhile to look into dual fuel tariffs if you have a high energy consumption. Combining your utilities in one bill can be cheaper, but you will have to research different providers to get the best deal. Do not assume that the big six providers will always have the best rates for a dual ammunition deal for all consumers.

Does double fuel consistently cost more limited cash?

Double combustion does regularly imply that you spend more limited cash on your power stock. This implies that you can set aside cash and furthermore profit from the comfort of having just a single power bill.

While double ammunition is frequently less expensive, it isn’t generally. Assuming you need to be sure if a double ammunition arrangement will set aside your cash, then, at that point, you should operate a value correlation on double ammunition costs that are accessible to you.

There are multiple eligible ammunition levies where you can acquire less expensive power or gasoline than with a double ammunition levy. Hence run a power examination on the two kinds of duties. By doing the aforementioned things you will know about every one of the choices that you could be spending for. This implies that regardless of which power project works out least expensive for you, you can generally guarantee that you are acquiring the most suited arrangement on your gas and power.

The many advantages of double fuel power levies


Setting aside cash isn’t the main advantage of double combustible levies – they’re likewise intended to make life easier.

At the point when you’re occupied, easily overlooked details like just getting one bill, paying one direct charge, and having one resource can have such an effect. In the event that you have an inquiry about your energy charge, need to refresh your location, or switch ledgers, you just need to ring one number or send one email. It saves time (and stress), permitting you to zero in on more significant (and fun) stuff.

Are double fuel energy duties consistently less expensive?

Double fuel bargains are frequently less expensive, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t observe seriously estimated single ammunition electricity plans.

In the event that you like to get independent gas and power charges, there’s nothing to prevent you from contrasting individual levies for each, either with the equivalent of an alternate power provider.

By what other means is double fuel unique?


Through the way that you will acknowledge your power from the individual suppliers rather than the couple, there is no qualification to the sort of organization you will get. All power suppliers pass on their gasoline and horsepower through comparable lines and cablegrams. This infers that you will be presumably not going to see a change in the way where you acknowledge your strength. The principle qualification is that you will be repaying short for the energy that you utilize.

Would I be able to get a savvy meter with a double fuel tax?

Savvy meters screen your energy use and send precise meter points to your provider. This will stop assessed charges, assisting you with just funding for the power you’ve utilized. The public authority needs every home and private company to being offered a savvy meter by 2025, however, it’s down to energy firms to administer with the rollout.

Savvy meters are not accessible to all homes as a considerable lot of them depend on portable innovation to deliver updates to your main man. In the event that your new provider is in a situation to grant you a savvy meter, notwithstanding, they are obliged to by law.

In case you as of now have a shrewd meter from your old provider, your new supplier will really take a look at its similarity with their organization. On the off chance that it’s viable, you ought to have the option to keep utilizing a similar one. If not, your new provider will supplant it if conceivable.