Online Betting: The Evolution Of Sports Betting In Texas


The state of Texas has begun moving toward the legalization of gambling and, more especially, sports betting. However, as of 2024, online gambling has yet to become legal in Lone Star State, and it may not be till 2024 or 2024 that the state successfully passes sports gambling legislation.

The state of Texas has begun moving toward the legalization of gambling and, more especially, sports betting. However, as of 2024, online gambling has yet to become legal in Lone Star State, and it may not be till 2024 or 2024 that the state successfully passes sports gambling legislation.

Legislators have proposed a measure that would legalize sports gambling in 2024, so this is a step in the right direction. The incoming state legislature is expected to open up the market for betting on collegiate and professional sports.

Texas Gambling Laws


Texas, one of the few remaining states in the United States, has not always had a positive reputation for gambling due to the state’s severe regulations on sporting events, poker, and even the state lottery.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak triggered the state’s fiscal deficit, which in turn made lawmakers more open to exploring income options outside federal help. Legislators jumped at the chance to propose a sports betting measure after realizing that money from (online) sports betting was being siphoned off to other countries.

Mostly during the 2020 state legislature, representatives from both major parties introduced two competing bills, Senate Joint Resolution 49 (SJR49) and House Joint Resolution 133 (HJR133). Supporters of this legislation, including Representative John Kuempel and Senator Carol Alvarado, expressed optimism about their chances of success in the upcoming parliamentary session, despite the fact that none of them had even passed the first legislative barrier (Source:

Yes, you read it right; they do make an excellent argument. The tide is turning in favor of legalizing sports gambling in Texas, as well as the concept is beginning to gain support among voters. Of course, the opposition is to be anticipated, and because none of the proposals has yet passed the first session, it’s difficult to predict if the legislature will cast its backing for the gaming legislation.

On the other hand, the two sports betting proposals in Texas carefully word their requests for a study of the possible advantages of legalizing sports gambling rather than just moving on with the change.

Massive Sports Franchises Backing Sports Wagering


Texas has a number of pro sports teams that are among the best in the league, making it an ideal location for a thriving sports betting market. Even though pro sports have had a rough season for the second year running, there have been significant requests from clubs to legalize sports betting as a strategy to capitalize on more revenues, increase fan involvement, and bolster outcomes.

Having seen the potential benefits of a regulated sector, the Dallas Mavericks, Cowboys, and Rangers are actively advocating for the legalization of sports gambling inside the state. The Dallas Cowboys are among the numerous professional sporting organizations in Texas, and other teams inside the state, that are interested in introducing mobile sports betting, according to the Sports Gambling Alliance, an industry group formed to represent the needs of professional sporting organizations in Texas.

The state benefits greatly from the sponsorship of professional sports teams because of the influence these teams have on voters as well as the momentum they may generate in the courtroom.

A Call To Regulate Offshore Betting Sites

With all that has happened, it will be at minimum a few additional years before online bookies or even in-person sports gambling is legalized. Despite the lack of legitimate choices, the sports betting industry is thriving.

The Sports Gambling Alliance is now working to stop offshore, unauthorized sites from advertising to citizens of specific states. Among the most outspoken advocates for a speedy legal remedy that blocks access to offshore betting sites in Texas have been the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys.

The Rapid Growth Of Sports Betting

The nationwide prohibition on sports betting, which has been in effect since the beginning of the 1960s, was lifted by a ruling from the United States Supreme Court on May 14, 2018, opening the door for individual states to legalize the practice.

The sports gambling market had been expanding at a rapid rate, making government involvement economically advantageous. This decision has been widely expected. There was a mad dash by states to pass legislation approving the legalization, with the initial three being New Jersey, Delaware, and Montana.

States’ capacity to regulate the revenue generated by sports betting has been a driving factor in their decision to do so. With sports betting being legal in the state of New York, the very first month witnessed $1.5 billion being gambled and more than $70 million in taxable income.SB Nation’s director of sports gambling content, David Fucillo, breaks down the money-making potential in the pioneering states.

With $25. 1 billion in earnings, New Jersey is in the lead. After Nevada’s $22.6 billion, Pennsylvania’s $13 billion comes in at third. Each state’s ability to raise taxes means that areas like education, public works, and youth sports can receive substantial funding increases. Additionally, increased regulation of gambling is made possible by legalization.

Nearly $150 billion per year, or a sizable portion of annual wagering expectations, is thought to be lost to illicit sports gambling. Now that states have the ability to monitor and regulate betting activity, they can collect taxes on the profits and inject them into the economy.

Since sports betting has been made legal, its availability has expanded substantially. Fans can now place wagers and gamble at partnered casinos from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the rise of online sports betting.


While Texas still has a long way to go for legalization fans can currently make use of offshore gaming sites, that is until and if the call to regulate said sites fail. Until then residents of the Lone Star State will have at least one legal option to place wagers that do not require long travel distances and wasted time.

And just like the 5 ways to strengthen friendships, there are a number of ways those in favor of legalized sports gambling can have their voices heard!