French Flood Took Lives Of Three Rescue Workers, Death Toll Rises To Five


Three crisis operators expired in a helicopter accident near Marseille while on a rescue mission in southern France where waves have sent two dead Police officers have said.

Their EC145 helicopter dropped radar and communication communicating whilst on a rescue and survey flight at the Var area on Sunday, November 1, nighttime.

The three were found lifeless at 1:30 am close to the town of Rove, inside minister Christophe Castaner along with his superintendent of nation Laurent Nunez said in a statement.

A question was underway to determine the particulars of the crash.

Two individuals perished on Sunday, November 1, from the flooding from the French Riviera, that had been struck by new torrential rains per week following intense weather sent six dead.

From the Var area, a herdsman was hauled off since he had been trying to traverse a ford in his 4×4 while still attending to his flock. His body was found in his transportation late Sunday night 300 meters (330 yards) downstream from where he had been last detected, the officers said early Monday.

Outside in the area, the owner of the stables was detected lifeless two hours afterwards he had been also wiped away out while guarding over his critters, it said.

The Var and also the neighboring Alpes-Maritimes region were on red alert for surges that intermittent train services and reduce on the A8 motorway for 4 hours on Sunday evening.

Various sporting and social events were ordered off as a result of awful weather, such as Paris Saint-Germain’s Ligue 1 contest at Monaco.