11-Year-Old Physically Assaulted By Father After Being Forced To Consume Alcohol


In a nerve-chilling circumstance, an 11-year-old tribal woman from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, was made to consume alcohol from his father and was physically attacked by her dad and his pals.

According to the data offered from several sources, the episode happened in the colony beneath Meppadi police station limits in Wayanad.

Resources advised that two decades back, the woman was changed to save the house when the concerned police the conditions where the woman was living weren’t apt because of her.

Shortly after the woman was brought into the house, she had been tortured by her father and several of his friends, which compelled her to approach the Childline out of where she took his or her aid.

The woman was subsequently again altered to a rescue house when the police discovered that she didn’t attend the college. After exploring, the woman informed the police that her parents create ruckus after drinking alcohol at enormous amounts.

This isn’t a new instance, as a similar sort of case happened when two sisters aged 13 and 9 were found dead inside a period of 2 weeks in precisely the same district of the nation.

They had been discovered hanging within their drop, and it was theorized that the faithful employee of some ruling party of the region committed this offense and was convicted in the murder case.