Mother Demands Capital Punishment For Her Son’s Distrustful Act As He Molested A Doctor


At a frightening case of Hyderabad, Telangana, a physician was molested and then set ablaze with a group of 4 boys.

In a statement giving from the victim’s mom, she needed that those accused in the case ought to be burnt alive.

The mom of one of these accused has come out and has spoken and has stated that when his son is guilty of this offense then he must be burnt in precisely the exact same manner, the woman was burnt.

She explained,”In my child is found guilty of this offense, burn him at precisely the exact same manner they burnt her. I’m suffering today but that I could even imagine the pain and distress with the woman’s mom is going through following the episode .”

Having said that, this mum has proven that those who perpetrate such sorts of crimes have to be given punishment less than passing.

She parked her two-wheeler vehicle close to the scene. The four accused, that are assumed to be drunk throughout that time and seen her while she was parking her car.

Among the accused is thought to have punctured the bike and after he moved and offered her aid, but with her motorcycle taken by a stranger, then she phoned her husband and educated her about the circumstance, after a while sufferer’s sister tried calling her but nobody answered.

Alarmed by the circumstance, she lodged a complaint in a nearby police station and after that day the hunt started and her body was subsequently discovered from law enforcement.

The household had alleged that in the event the Cyberabad Police had behaved in time, their daughter could have been safer control on. Three police officers were suspended from the Cyberabad Police in relation to the incident.