Student Threatens To Commit Suicide If The Accused Molesters Are Not Hanged Till Death


A few days earlier, a situation from Telangana, India left everybody in a jolt and in despair for a female physician who had been molested by a bunch of individuals and was afterwards killed by these.

There have been a lot of protests from the nation since then and each and everybody is demanding quite rigorous action against the accuser.

Everybody has stepped from the homes in support of their sufferer and is demanding in the authorities to carry all the required activities as promptly as possible.

After this, a graduate student climbed to the peak of a structure and threatened to commit suicide when his requirements were fulfilled.

The only demand by which he increased and threatened to commit suicide was supposed to punish the molesters and those accused just by providing them the punishment of’hang until death’.

Throughout the very long run, a massive audience of people gathered in the scene and began seeing the drama that was occurring around there.

After long discussions with the boy, officers were eventually able to convince him to scale down the construction and after handling the situation correctly, handed over the boy for his parents.