Doctor Denies Any Physical Injuries To A Girl Who Claimed That She Was Molested In A Party


A British teenager asserted two or three Israeli tourists had molested her in the celebration resort of Ayia Napa. Still, following the clinical tests conducted by a physician, ” he told a court she bore no actual indications of a severe attack.

Dr. Sophocles Sophocleous gave evidence for the prosecution at which he said he discovered just a few bruises on the victim’s thighs, and a few scraped her legs according to him. These weren’t due to any attack, as she promised.

The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service has become a”fantasy” that the thought that a shortage of bodily injury rules outside a molests having occurred.

The adolescent earlier asserted in July that she was molested by a set of individuals in a hotel area, but two weeks after she signed up a police statement in which she hauled all her claims.

Her attorneys insist that she had been molested, and as a consequence of severe injury which she endured after the episode, she signed the announcement. She was exposed to aggressive questioning by Cypriot police officers for eight hours without a lawyer or relative.

Using a gynecologist, he ran various medical evaluations but found no evidence of her claim of molestation.

Lawyers for the adolescent said they’d bill a Cambridge-educated pathologist who’ll inform the courtroom next week the lack of bruises doesn’t necessarily mean the adolescent wasn’t molested.

British barrister, Michael Polak, who’s a part of her legal group, stated, “nobody is saying she had been punched or anything similar to that. She had been trapped, and that is when another youth got involved.”