Doctor Mercilessly Stabbed 16-Year-Old Girl To Death In Her Bed Hours!


Amber-Rose Hurry was discovered dead with her mother after being stabbed several instances by Venod Skantha — such as a 11cm slash injury along her throat which had severed her artery and ear.

He broke in to her family home in Dunedin, New Zealand at about midnight, shortly after the screenshots of personal messages one of them were shared with the adolescent victim.

As stated by the New Zealand Herald, he had been a huge drinker who’d begun interacting with younger individuals.

It’s been reported that the group was buddies, but it came to a sudden end when he provided her 10,000 for romantic.

The group spent a great deal of time unitedly within the forthcoming months, together with the teenager’s fellows calling Skantha’s fascination with her “creepy”.

However, in January 2018, just a month prior to her departure, the set had a dare, and the teenager told her mates she awakened in Skantha’s home to find him molesting her.

The audience, a teenaged boy and mutual companion of theirs, advised the court: “She explained she had awakened with off her bra and Vinny’s hands down her pants.

“I really don’t think she had been lying .”

The onlooker told the courtroom: “Originally it was 2000 and it moved up to $20,000 when she refused him.

The trial prompted the group to stop speaking with one another, before Skantha messaged the adolescent on February 2 after online shopping was created with his credit card.

The late teenager rejected making the buy.

Skantha subsequently told her to quit spreading lies in his behaviour.

She returned with a concept that revealed: “Materials does not imply s**t did that to me personally, was not speaking s**t hun you ought to own up to everything you did, fkn perv.

“You are lucky I do not enter the hospital and let them know the way you turn up to work drunk, and provide minors with alcohol, touch up them without permission, develop Vinny you are 30 for f**k sakes.”

The late teenager continued to post screenshots of the fiery conversation for her Instagram.

The pair’s ordinary buddy — that the prosecution’s star observer — subsequently alerted Skantha into the articles.

For this, you deserve whatever you are going to get.”

Just 30 minutes after sending this message, she had been murdered.

The unnamed onlooker stated Skantha was worn at black clothes and seemed”concentrated but chill”.