Bride Arrested After She Trying To Force Photographer To Pay Her For The Privilege


Normally, photographers hope to get paid for working on getting a wedding. Nevertheless, the contrary case occurred with a photographer because he shared his story.

However, as one frustrated professional disclosed, that is what one bride attempted to convince him to perform: Pay her to the liberty of shooting her marriage.

He advised his strange story to the website’s forums together with his alias name, in which the photographer clarified the bride’s proposal: “`You pay us $50 then begin taking photographs which you may sell in the wedding to individuals who desire them.

Next, the photographer clarified the way the bride and her family and friends chose to leave mad, harassing messages. Even following the photographer provided to perform the wedding at no cost, the bride refused and wanted to have compensated.

The photographer claimed not to have heard anything apart from the bride before the day of the wedding. No one showed up to shoot pictures.

On the other hand, the titles aren’t shown yet because the story was clarified entirely by the photographer itself. He respects her solitude and preserves a smooth procedure of describing the narrative.