What happened to Love is Blind’s Infamous couple Giannina and Damian?

Giannina & Damian
Giannina & Damian back together!!! Image: The Blast

After watching Season 1 of Netflix’s Love is Blind reality show we can say for sure that Love is definitely not easy. After the first batch of episodes was dropped on Netflix, fans wanted to know who the runaway bride is and what happened to her.

Everyone started speculating and only got to know about the unlucky bride (Giannina Gibelli) on the last episode of the season.

We all know that even though Giannina & Damian started out as a great couple and many speculated that they will make it through the end. But alas! That was not what happened. As the season progressed, we saw their numerous fights, miscommunications, romance, and a swoon-worthy confession. This couple had it all.

Then the day of the wedding comes and even though Giannina said “I DO”, Damian still called off the wedding. He said, “Today I couldn’t give that one moment of greatness for a lifetime of uncertainty.”

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“From the ashes comes the phoenix” ??

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All hope is not lost for them as the Couple is Back Together!

Giannina and Damian
Giannina and Damian back together
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The filming of the series took place in October 2018. Recently when Giannina was asked about any new love interest after one and a half years of the show she responded with “No new love interests, no. Just the same one.” From here we concluded that they are probably back together.

Recently the 11th Episode of the series known as “Reunion” was released. The episode was filmed in February 2024 as is claimed by a tweet.

There they revealed that they are still together. After what happened on the wedding day, they sat down and talked it out, and now they are taking it slow. They said that they weren’t ready to tie the knot back then.

On the reunion, they said they are not engaged but they still have strong feelings for each other.

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We’re so happy they’re making it work! ?

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In an interview they said that they have a safe word now when their arguments get especially heated. They definitely learned a lot from their experience and are taking it slow but steady.

In an interview with Oprah Magazine Damian said, “We’re exploring and finding out everything life has to offer before we go down that road again. I know this. We do love each other, and she’s an incredible woman.

I think with more time I definitely see it being a possibility—depending on if she wants to go through that again.”

There is a possibility of Giannina and Damian getting married in the future.