“I Was Molested In The Toilet” Another Man Alleges That He Was A Victim Of Breytenbach


Another guy has accused Willem Breytenbach of all molestation.

In an email sent to Rapport and printed on Netwerk24, the guy whose identity hasn’t yet been leaked as particulars reveal Breytenbach attracted towards him once he began working in Die Burger at Cape Town as a graphic designer 16 decades back.

At the moment, the guy was 22-years-old and has been operating on a significant job for the paper in the advertising department. He explained Breytenbach was on a control degree.

He advised that at first Breytenbach encouraged him out to go for lunch someplace. It was always followed with text messages and emails. The guy explained the messages were consistently friendly and also he believed the both of them were getting buddies. They never spoke their bodily orientation and they never spoke anything vulgar. The guy said that Breytenbach was just like an older, wiser mentor that did his very best to make sure he was growing in the provider. He said that this made him feel unique because he was getting particular attention.

He said shortly after his arrival, he obtained a message from Breytenbach to return to his office to discuss his job.

As they talked, Breytenbach proceeded to come to rack at which he had been sitting. At first, the man believed it was an accident and moved away because he felt uneasy. Breytenbach tried to do it , then allegedly caught the guy and attempted to kiss him, the guy asked him to cease.

He maintained that Breytenbach wouldn’t take no for an answer and proceeded to speak about becoming physical. He then attempted to place the guy’s hands on his penis.

In a bid to calm down, he moved into the restroom. Then he alleges that Breytenbach additionally entered the toilet and proceeded towards him.

He explained that Breytenbach caught him and took him to one of the stalls in which he allegedly molested him.

It’s also since emerged that Breytenbach attempted to finish his life over a shore near Mossel Bay a week.

It had been only after 21:00 on November 15, that members of a local watch drifting the calm Tergniet Beach area seen a guy lying on the shore, seemingly unresponsive.

The source stated, once the ambulance came for Breytenbach on Friday night, he had been in a terrible manner.