Durban School Principal Charged For Molesting Four Teachers


A 54-year-old school leader was accused of molestation by four teachers from KwaZulu-Natal.

The guy was arrested and is expected to appear in court on Friday.

The provincial education department said it’s in the practice of hammering him.

He had been detained on Wednesday in connection with the population of a teacher.

Since that time, three other educators have come forward with similar allegations.

The section would be to start an investigation into the allegations, and when he’s found guilty, they’ll write to the South Africa Council of Educators (SACE) to get him removed from their listing.

Kwazi Mthethwa, the KZN education department spokesperson, confirmed that the primary would be suspended shortly.

“We’re in the process of suspending this individual, he appears in court — but that isn’t our distance… for us, we will wait around for him, and when we see him arriving into college we’ll provide him a touch of suspension,” explained Mthethwa.

The suspect hasn’t yet been frozen is that he’s to acknowledge and sign the letter.

“We must follow appropriate processes; we can’t just freeze. However, he can be suspended,” explained Mthethwa.

“If you’d to observe a few of those allegations, you’d fall immediately.”

“He’s nowhere to hide. Any man who believes that they will molest people at college, they have nowhere to hide,” explained Mthethwa.