Man Who Severed His Wife’s Throat Freed After 10 Years In Prison!


In Keleti Seau’s Legislation in 2009, Justice Patricia Courtney’s voice started to shake as she talked of the way the murder had influenced the couple’s kids.

Seau butchered his spouse, Atonauga, on Boxing Day 2006 within their Ōtara, south Auckland house.

Justice Courtney reported the couple’s kids were too emotional to make victim impact statements along with the murder had led to the reduction of their parents.

“It is an undoubted truth that if you’d been sober, your spouse would still be living. ”

Seau was found at Thames two days following the murder.

Currently aged 57, Seau had finished the Pasifika rehabilitation program Saili Matagi and experienced treatment.

He’d been operating part-time as a storeman, and his company had promised him a job when he had been published.

The Parole Board billed him posing a low risk of general breaking up but a moderate threat of violence.

From the board’s report, he noted that he had the aid of his loved ones, who had forgiven him for the murder of Atonauga.

The board had driven conditions such as not drinking alcohol and also to finish rehab programs and alcohol treatment.