Ex-Boyfriend Jailed For Slaying Girlfriend On New Year’s Day


Birmingham man who is accused of the murder of his Ex-girlfriend, reportedly walked inside the victim’s home on new years day and shot her in the presence of her three children.

He was taken into custody by Jefferson County sheriff’s some deputies by early Thursday and is currently being held in Tuscaloosa County Jail with a $150,000 bond.

For the slaying of Carla Fluker Mack, Carl Evans Boyd, 57, was taken into custody by early Thursday. The time of the shooting was approximately 5 p.m., Wednesday, at her home in Tuscaloosa County on Tammie Drive in the Lakeview community, as reported by Kip Hart, who is the captain of Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit.

Lakeview police reached the victim’s home at 5 p.m. only to find her suffering from gunshot wounds, and she was unresponsive. The victim was declared dead on the crime scene.

Former service in the U.S. Navy, Meck was the mother of three grown children. She and Boyd were colleagues at the Social Security Administration. Her well-wishers remembered her kind and caring nature by terming her beautiful inside out and missed her evergreen smile.  The couple had split up in the recent past only.

Witnesses informed that Mack had recently broken up with Boyd and that they saw him walk into the house and further into the bedroom, and heard gunshots after that, And saw him leave after that. That was the time when they found Mack wounded.

Boyd, Who himself is married and has children, is under a murder warrant. The efforts of police to locate him at his Birmingham residence at night were unsuccessful, but they succeeded as he was ultimately captured by early Thursday.