After A Heated Argument With Wife, Drunk Father Murdered His 2 Young Daughters


At a frightful event in Uttar Pradesh, the police, on Friday arrested a man who’d allegedly murdered his two daughters. The guy is supposed of being under the control of alcohol in the stage of this episode.
The incident occurred in the Surajpur region on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, the corpse of a single daughter was found in an abandoned building near the house while one was found within the house. Following case, the accused went lost. He was arrested by authorities later in the day.

The authorities advised that there were indications of injuries on the head of their brothers, which they presume were made by the father, Hari Solanki. The authorities will probably be reviewing the issue for further proof.

Yadav disposed of the own body by directing it into pieces and concealing it in separate places at Bhainsia village at the Risia region, Superintendent of Police Gaurav Grover explained. Authorities have detained both Ram Yadav along with his brother in the circumstance.