Father And Son Detained For Brutally Killing An Elderly Women

Colin Tarver, 83 years old with his partner, Phillip Tarver, who is also his son, ruthlessly assaulted an older woman. They attacked the women so brutally that they might have decapitated women’s head from her body.

How were the murderers identified?

The 46-year-old Philip to be frequently visiting in his mother’s property. The neighbors around there reported this. The neighbors also stated that Philip used to visit her mother’s two-story house, which also has a driveway and two separate garages. He used to visit daily, and also he always came in his green-colored car.


Not only this, but his father cycling around by the neighbors. They also reported seeing him with his ailing wife.

Was the duo punished?

The police authorities have now arrested the duo of the father and son. According to the information received from various deputies and authorities, police officers are currently investigating the father and son duo.

Police have identified the duo of Colin Tarver, 83 years old, and Phillip Tarver, 46 years old. The Police authorities also confirmed that they had detained the father-son pair. They found them at the rural property. Not only this, but police also found a knife from the duo.

Nearby residents were trying to flee from their homes either for leaving the place temporally or for settling somewhere else. They were permitted to go by the police, but the police were investigating all of them.

Police took reports from the local people about who was going and where they were going. The older women’s deceased body to a medical professional for examing the organization to analyze the cause of death. The body is later to be moved then to the mortuary