Doctor Physically Abuses Over 23 Woman And Girls, Arrested for Monstrous Crime.


A general practitioner was arrested for molesting over 23 women and girls.

Dr. Manish Shah prey on the cancer concerns of his patients using the instances of Angelina Jolie and Jade Goody. The patients were as young as 17 and threatened to keep quiet.

At Mawney medical center in Romford, east London, he reportedly abused six patients between May 2009 and June 2013. 

However, Shah, who is aged 50, denied all the allegations against him and disproved of his wrongdoing.

He insisted that he had been practicing “defensive medicine.”

Following the trial, he was found guilty of 25 offenses.

The jury was informed that Shah has a history of physical abuse against him and is accused by 17 other women for misconduct with them. 

This brings the total number of victims to 23.

Anne Molyneux, the judge in Shah’s hearing, adjourned sentencing for all the crimes until 7 February.

Kate Bex QC, the prosecutor, told jurors that Shah played on the women’s fear of cancer to win their approval to examinations. 

He did not give them all the information and then abused them when they agreed upon the inspection. 

Because of their young age, several of the victims were particularly helpless and kept the terrifying incident to themselves while some of the victims agreed to the inspection suggested by Shah because of a family history of the disease.

Shah made other women worry by telling them about Jolie having a preventative mastectomy. Preying on their fears, he then asked their permission for checking their upper body.

To several other women, he discussed Goody, who died of cervical cancer. Thus luring them into the trap by saying the women an examination was in her best interests.

Bex informed jurors that Shah used to give ‘hugs’ and ‘kisses’ to the victims. He further lured them by saying that he has a soft spot for them.

Jurors were further made aware that Shah would not always wear clothes. And he also sometimes lay down his patients without clothes on the examination table.

While justifying his actions, Shah told that he was “requested” by the patients.

Zoe Johnson QC, Shah’s barrister, reported jurors that he was a “cautious, anxious, perhaps at moments incompetent GP.”