Two K Pop Stars Imprisoned For Molesting An Unconscious Woman


Two K-pop stars are imprisoned in South Korea for molesting a drunk unconscious girl.
The guys will also each need to perform 80 hours of physical violence therapy education for a portion of the sentences.

Jung’s certainty demanded charges for sharing movies that he covertly recorded throughout the molestation of a single girl and while getting physical with different ladies.

The musician, who achieved fame on a TV talent show, confessed to distributing the movies but insisted that the physical contact was permitted by the girl in most things.

Sentencing the musicians Friday, judge Kang Seong-soo responded: “The respondents are famous celebrities and friends, however the chat they have had disclosed that they just considered women as items of bodily pleasure, and conducted crimes which were extremely intense.


“Strict punishment is essential because the harm caused hasn’t properly been revived as well as the sufferers need harsh penalties”

Choi, an ex-member of South Korean boy group FT Island, refused to molest the girl in one of those movies listed by Jung.

He contended that he didn’t recall getting physical with her and if he had it was probably allowed by the girl.

Their situation was one of a few scandals involving offenses and other illegal exercises which introduced a shadowy side of a business in the middle of the worldwide K-pop trend.