Four People Detained Over Brutal Molestation Of A 16-Year-Old Girl


India is being exposed to undesired publicity over barbarous molestation.
The offense is growing so commonplace in India it seldom makes headlines, nevertheless about the global scene that the position is much different.

The pair were in their way home after a birthday dinner.

A group of 6 guys, all in their early to mid-20s confronted the 16-year old woman and her buddy. They allegedly set upon the boy and struck up him.

They then allegedly dragged the woman to an isolated location and molested her, authorities advised.

The gang captured the experience and fearful to demonstrate the footage when she reported the attack to the police.

On Saturday, authorities advised they had seized 4 of those guys, all aged between 22 and 25, although the search for another two is ongoing. Police inform the 2 men still at large planned the attack.

Coimbatore City Police has developed search squads which are combing town.

The titles of those 4 captured who stay in custody have been issued on Saturday.

Police inform their investigation into the attack is ongoing.