20 Year Old Woman Secretly Filmed Her Boyfriend Vanishing Evidences Just Moments Before He Shot Her Dead’


A girl used her mobile phone to capture her boyfriend as he’s loading a gun and debilitating to kill her minutes prior to law enforcers say she had been brutally shot in a van parked in his drive.

The movie filmed by India Mackey, only a day after her 20th birthday, reveals 18-year-old Kevin Dixon stripping his fingerprints from bullets because he sat in the passenger seat of a car or truck.

Mackey was recording Dixon at about 5:30 pm on Tuesday since both travel in a van and got in an arguement close to their house in the Detroit suburb of Warren.

‘You think I am playingwith, huh? Gont strike you with those hollow-tip 45s,’ Dixon states in the movie.

Following Mackey stopped recording, Dixon took her dead, according to police.

This movie has been accepted by a girl who will be murdered in minutes.

‘It is incredible to me.

‘The notion he’s pulling out the bullet, wiping off his fingerprints, revealing it to her’

After shooting Mackey, he then got out of their vehicle and moved her entire body to the passenger seat.

Enforcers allege that Dixon subsequently called his mum using Mackey’s telephone which she was able to record his dangers.

Dixon began driving his van with a injured Mackey still indoors.

He was finally pulled over by police in neighboring Eastpointe for driving erratically.

Officers then detected Mackey bleeding at the passenger’s seat, according to police.

If he’ll get convicted, he’ll face a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Dixon’s mum has also been charged with acting as a companion following tampering with evidence.

Dixon was arranged captive with no bail from the Macomb County Jail during his arraignment on Thursday.

His next court dates will be December 5 and December 11.

Mackey’s dad, Joseph Polk, told he cautioned his daughter against relationship Dixon.

‘I did not like the young guy and that I got the wrong vibes ,’ said Polk.

‘I try to pride ourselves on being a guardian, but you can not shield your children from who they socialize with,’ Polk explained.