Gamblers Among Bollywood Stars


Many famous people have been repeatedly seen in gambling establishments. The thrilling emotions can justify this attraction that excitement gives. The idols of millions tend to play and bet not for the sake of money. The subject of interest is getting new sensations of moral satisfaction. The most common hobby is poker. It is a card game in which it is necessary to hope for luck and include logic.

Paparazzi have repeatedly taken racy pictures of celebrities entering or exiting According to reliable sources, many public people have a great passion for poker. That is how they relax from a hard and exhausting everyday life. It is worth noting that many Indian showbiz stars also enjoy playing poker. Today, in general, anyone can easily play online in the network. Let’s consider the list of those famous Bollywood stars who have been most often noticed in their addiction to card entertainment.

Among the famous stars of India with gambling tendencies, you can find such names:

  • Priyanka Chopra;
  • Rekha;
  • Jayaprada and others.

1. Hema Malini


Dance is Hema’s first love, which she says will stay with her forever. Even in films, her dance routines are much more complex than any other actress. She and the movie came as a crowd members, but the director appreciated her plastics facial expressions and suggested trying for a more critical role.

Star Hemu made the role of Gita, after which a promising and lovely girl talked about all India. However, an affair with Dharmendra could end everything: the infatuation of a married man caused a storm of discontent in the family. The father constantly brought and showed his daughter photos of potential suitors. Two famous bachelor actors, Sanjeev Kumar and Jitendra, were wooing Hema. But Hema rejected both of them. Finally, in 1978, Hema’s father died suddenly of a heart attack, and Hema accepted the proposal of Dharmendra, who managed to get permission to marry. In recent years Hema Malini and her husband were involved in politics, joining the Council of States of the Upper House of Parliament of India with the support of the Indian People’s Party.

The actress admitted that she used to be quite a gambling man. She has completely withdrawn from such activities, but the past is the past.

2. Amitabh Bachchan


Not just a movie actor, but also a politician, producer, and TV host. Winner of three National Film Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards. For his generation, he is a demigod, if not more. The iconic film for Amitabh was Revenge and the Law, but other movies featuring him were viral. He is still acting today! And his son is married to Aishwarya Rai, so we can say that Amitabh became the progenitor of the star dynasty.

The actor has been spotted a couple of times in Indian casinos, but frequent visits to such clubs are not reported.

3. Mithun Chakraborty


In 1982, the movie Disco Dancer was released, and Chakraborty became famous. The film became a classic, and Jimmy stuck to the actor for good. During his career, the actor has played in 350 films! Despite his super-popularity, he has been faithful to his wife Yogita Bali all his life and adores their four children: three sons and one daughter. Mithun continues to act in movies, occasionally play poker, and look great.

4. Rekha


Rekha played her first role at the age of 12. For the sake of acting, the girl dropped out of school, as the busy schedule of filming did not allow her to study, and the family was in dire need of money. Rekha met Amitabh Bachchan on the set, and a lousy romance flared up between the actors. Moreover, Amitabh was married, which added spice to the discussions. The show “Behind the Glass” and Bollywood in real life: information about the affair regularly appeared in the news, newspapers, and magazines savored the details, and the people of the country were divided into two camps. Some dreamed of an early marriage between two idols; the others condemned Amitabh for treason and predicted his sunset career and eternal disgrace. In 1982, Bachchan was filming a severe injury and spent several weeks lying in a coma, from which he broke off an affair with Rekha and was finally reunited with his family. Rekha is unmarried, living in Mumbai with her sister and nephew and occasionally appearing in films and visiting Indian casinos.

5. Rakhi Gulzar


Rakhi made her Bollywood debut with a lead role in A Life Ruined. Since her resounding success, Rakhi has averaged ten films a year: often filming in parallel, she has worked herself to the bone. Then, diagnosed with nervous exhaustion and overwork, she abruptly cut her career at the height of fame and devoted herself to the family: leave work, have a daughter, and tried to lead a measured, quiet life. However, the directors did not leave Rakhi alone and convinced her to return to the cinema a few years later.

Unfortunately, the price of this return was a divorce: the actress’s husband was adamantly against filming. The daughter had to be left with her father, as Rakhi constantly moved around. The actress went through a period of alcohol abuse and game addiction, which negatively impacted its appearance, but was able to pull herself together and make another comeback on the big screens.

6. Jayaprada


Jayaprada is a multilingual and the only actress who has acted in seven languages, each fluent. She has worked in one hundred and fifty films in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil during her career. However, Jayaprada’s future as a film star seemed less important than participating in the destiny of her country. In 1994 she joined the Telugu Desam Party and became a member of the lower house of the Indian Parliament ten years later. Today Jayaprada is an active advocate of women’s rights in India, supports the preservation of her country’s cultural heritage, and engages in community service. According to the source, she was previously seen betting but is not a gambler.

7. Dharmendra


When Dharmendra was 19 years old, he was forcibly married and had two children in that marriage: both are now quite famous actors in India. But you can’t make friends by force, and despite societal pressure, Dharmendra abandoned his family and decided to change his whole life. He took part in a Filmfare magazine competition looking for new faces for movies. Producer Arjun Hingorani believed in him and signed him for the film “Both Life and Heart for You,” Dharmendra was invited to shoot the cult film “Zita and Gita.”

On the set, he met Hema Malini. They were the most talked about couple in Bollywood. Contrary to numerous rumors of their breakup, mutual cheating, and other gossip, the actors married and had daughters Eshu and Akhana. Hema and Dharmendra have long been the most successful commercial couple on screen. And even in 30 years, no couple has been able to surpass their popularity.

Dharmendra was a sports betting enthusiast. Now he is not, calling it entertainment for his youth.