How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of A Rodent Infestation?


It is very important to start dealing with the rodent infestation from the first moment you notice this problem in your home. Keep in mind that ignoring this problem for a longer time can cause serious problems and a lot of rats around your home.

They can carry diseases like salmonella, HPS, plague, and much more. They are especially common on farms, and if they get in touch with the animals, these diseases could harm both them and people. Therefore, the prevention is the best solution. If you are interested in rodent control services, check out Rodent Control Inc. Here are some important things to know about this process, how efficient it is, and how long it last.

Prevention is the Key


You can hire rodent control even before you notice the first signs of mice and rats. Also, it is very important to recognize the signs that they are there. These small animals are very good in hiding, and it is not a rare case that when you spot one of them, there are already tens if not hundreds of rats in your facilities. They can quickly spread on farms because there are many places where they can hide.

There are different ways to prevent the infestation, like avoiding keeping food where they can reach it. For example, throwing the leftovers in a trash can outside that has no lid or there are holes in it. These small animals have a great sense of smell, and will recognize the food from a longer distance. The best solution is to use metal and plastic bins that are strong enough to keep these animals away. Also, if you are keeping pets in your backyard, make sure to never leave traces of food in their bowls.

As we already mentioned, they are great in hiding, but there will be signs like a strange smell, noises on the wall or floors, and more. Be sure to check hidden spots because they will choose them to build nests. This is can lead to many issues like ruined walls, furniture, and more.

Best Methods For Getting Rid of Rodents


There are two most common options, which are poison and traps. Both of them have both benefits and potential downsides. There are different types of poison that services are using. It depends on the level of infestation and the area you want to secure from it. The experts will often apply chemicals in hidden places that are common options for rats to hide. Also, it is common that poison is mixed with food to attract these small animals.

However, it is crucial to be aware of potential downsides. Especially if you have pets, animals on the farm, and small kids. For example, letting chickens to roam free through your yard and having these hidden spots with position might lead to poisoning of your domestic animals. Therefore, make sure that these spots are not available for any of your animals.

When it comes to traps, they are great for urban areas since the chances of having tens of rats are quite small. You can keep a trap in your basement as a way of precaution, or if you notice some signs. Still, be aware of the fact that these small animals can quickly adapt to various changes around them, and chances are small that more rats will fall into the same trap. The same is for some types of poison.

It is important to inspect the home and look for potential holes that you will have to seal. Also, keep your home clean because bigger deposits of dirt are perfect for these small animals. When it comes to your backyard, be sure to keep it in good order. There is also an interesting solution where you can install a bird feeder because birds are great solution against mice and rats.

If none of these solutions is not helping, you will have to call the professionals who will inspect different elements of your home and yard and determine the right solution and methods that will help you get rid of these animals.

Time Needed to Resolve This Problem

It depends on various factors. For example, if you are already dealing with a lot of rats in your yard, and you have a farm, this problem can last for months. On the other hand, spotting a few of them in your basement when you have a house can be resolved in less than a week. If you are using the poison, it will take up to six days to kill the animal.

If there are more of them, keep in mind that other ones will avoid the same food you mixed with poison, which means that you will have to choose something else. The best solution is to combine different types of food and place them in different spots for improved efficiency. When it comes to traps, they are not as efficient, but can be a good solution if you spot a mouse or a rat in your house, and quickly get rid of it.

The key is to apply all of these methods safely, especially if you have pets or a farm so you can avoid poisoning of your animals. Also, cats and dogs can be a great way to prevent rats because they will hunt them, but they are not a good solution when there is already more of them.

Last Words

As you can see, it is not so simple to determine the time needed to get rid of rodent infestation since there are different factors that can affect that. For example, the situation will be quite simple if you live in a house or apartment, and there is one or a couple of mice or rats. In this case, you can get rid of them in a couple of days with the help of the professionals. On the other side, farms can have a much bigger problem where prevention is the best way.