How Do You Get Rid of Rats When You Have Pets?


Living in a house, but sometimes in an apartment, can be problematic. It is important to organize your life and properly deal with all the obstacles that appear in front of you to ensure a beautiful and quality life. Regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment, many problems can often arise, and one of those problems can be rodents, i.e. rats, which are a real problem today, especially in big cities and in small places like what are villages. Rats are considered to be pests, especially indoors where they become carriers of diseases such as typhoid fever, bubonic plague, and hantavirus. If you have pets or live near animals, you may want to get rid of these rodents immediately. There are several ways to get rid of them, but they aren’t always effective. However, it is important to find the most appropriate way to deal with them and enjoy living, and how to do that. You will find out today.

Rats are rodents belonging to the genus Rattus. They look similar to mice, although much larger. The most common species include black rats (Rattus rattus), brown rats (Rattus norvegicus), and house rats (Rattus slovenica). These types of rats can cause various health problems, ranging from skin infections to food poisoning. We are sure that you do not want to have these problems especially if you keep a pet, but we are sure that you do not want to experience some of the infections either. That’s why it’s important to intervene promptly, like rodent control southern california, which is known in that part of the United States, and is done by companies like and similar ones. It is important to find a timely solution because it is the one that will ensure a safer life for you, but above all for your pet.

When dealing with pet owners who have rats living in their homes, an important step is identifying which type of rat you are dealing with. This article provides information on why you should take action immediately. That is why you must follow us to the end of today’s article and learn much more on this topic to know how to properly deal with this problem that millions of people around the world have. Are you ready? In that case, we can begin!

1. Put out rat poison bait inside rooms where they live

Although it is ungrateful to poison animals, rats are a problem that must be solved in this way because they carry with them many infections that can negatively affect your pet or yourself. This method works best if you know what type of pest (rat) you’re dealing with, so you can try this way to solve the problem you’re facing. Rats are attracted to food and sugar, which is why you should place them outside of their nesting area where these items aren’t immediately available. This way, they won’t follow the scent of the poison back to their nest. However, find a way to place the poison with bait, but also do it in a place out of your pet’s reach because it could accidentally poison your pet. Be careful and apply this proven method.

2. Seal off pipes and holes leading to their nests.

If you think that the first method is not the most suitable and you think that you can do something unwanted to the health of your pet or if you think that the placement of poison doesn’t work, sealing off small holes around your home may keep them from getting back in after being set free. All rats and other pests usually move through these holes to get to their goal – food and food products or objects from your home that is the target of their attack. You’ll want to make sure any openings are sealed off completely since rats can squeeze themselves through even tiny holes. Look first where you have holes around the home, see if they are important to you and if they are not so important, make sure to close them in the right way.

3. Trap them!


We’re sure you’ve seen many of the traps they’ve done on TV shows, but also those they’ve set in movies and TV shows. These traps are real and you can use them too. Use snap traps that catch rats while they’re running away from you. Make sure you use rat-proof containers, as rats tend to chew through materials easily. Place them near entrances to homes or buildings. If using rodenticides, be sure to dispose of the container properly according to local regulations. This method can give you a great opportunity to get the job done quickly and easily and give your pet the life it deserves – without danger and worry.

4. Use repellents

When using repellents, apply them for at least two weeks before setting out traps. While some people believe this technique is effective, others claim it doesn’t work well enough. Check with your vet first. This technique in certain situations proved to be good enough to get rid of pests, but in some cases, it was not the most successful. So consult yourself first, make sure that it will not harm your pet, and then even try this method that we suggest, but please be careful.

5. Get help!


Rats do not always take to traps and repellants without assistance. Hiring exterminators to deal with rodents is the best solution when trying to get rid of them. Most people around the world seek help from specialized teams that can solve this problem. But keep them in mind, because they will solve your problem very easily and simply, using methods that are 100% effective, so that your pet will have a safe space to live in your home, and you will be safe too safe from diseases and infections spread by rodents.

Before are several solutions that can help you solve the problem with rats very easily and simply. Most of them are effective, but before applying any of them consult first, make sure that any of them will not be harmful to your pet or you, then apply it. Remember, your safety and the safety of your pet are paramount, so getting rid of rats quickly and promptly is of the utmost importance.