Is It Cruel to Keep a Cat Indoors?


In case you are a cat lover you have probably adopted or bought a few cats so far and enjoy having them in your home. You bless them with your love, and they bless you with their presence and specific, soothing energy. Sounds like the perfect match, right? Yet, you may have heard somewhere along the way that there are people who condemn those who keep cats indoors and think that cats should be outside, free in the open. Although many advocate this view, it does not mean that it really makes sense. Many animal welfare organizations today propagate the view that cats should be indoors in order to protect them and avoid many unwanted situations. Below we explain to you is it cruel to keep a cat indoors or is it the best thing that can happen to a cat. Let’s dig in.

Why shouldn’t a cat spend its life outdoors?


Unlike wild cats that are adapted to living in the harsh conditions of wild nature, this same story does not apply to domestic cats. There are so many dangers to the cat in the cities, so adopting a cat and keeping it inside is the best thing that can happen to it. When cats are in a house or apartment there is a much lower chance that they will get into trouble. This reduces the risk of them being hit by a car or being attacked by a dog or other cat. In addition to inflicting bodily injuries (e.g. abscesses), various infections, such as immunodeficiency virus (FIV), leukemia and rabies, are also very easily transmitted in this way. Adopting a cat also reduces its aggression and ability to attack and injure other cats.

Also, outside the house cats have to face other dangers, such as poisonous plants, very low or very high temperatures, cruelty of people, the possibility of drowning. And much more.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, cats can have a very happy and contented life when they are in a house or apartment. Even much happier and happier than when they are doomed to the cruel life of the city.

Transition period

It is advisable to ensure that the cat goes through a gradual transition, which means that they should have access to the open, but also to make sure that they cannot escape. It’s a good idea to let your cat out regularly, but also to reduce the amount of time each time, until she no longer feels the need to keep out.

Make sure that this period is as painless as possible for the cat, so that she does not get upset, because otherwise, this can have an adverse effect on her health. Be careful, considerate and give her the support she needs until your new cat is fully accustomed to the indoor conditions.

How to keep a cat happy in your home

1. Provide her with enough toys


Cats enjoy spending hours indoors playing, so it is advisable to provide her with enough toys. Today, you can find a variety of products for this purpose in different pet stores, so it is a good idea to buy a few and give your cat a different toy every day. That way she won’t get bored easily. Keep in mind that all these toys should be safe enough, which means without sharp edges, and that the cat can not swallow them.

2. Make sure there is enough space for climbing and jumping


Cats enjoy climbing to greater heights and watching the world from above. It gives them a sense of security and power at the same time. Make sure you provide your cat with space for jumping, climbing, so she can explore the space and spend time on the various spots in the house that suit her. Today you can find so many different products for this purpose: castles, ladders, hammocks, cat houses, and much more. If you still haven’t got your pet such an interesting spot in your apartment, we suggest you change that as soon as possible. Click here if you want to learn more about products of this type and choose the perfect cat house.

3. Scratching section is a must


Scratching sections should be an indispensable part of your home if you have a cat, because they enjoy sharpening their nails every day and keeping them in the best possible condition. In addition to jumping and climbing, this is another of their favorite activities, so make sure you get the right thing for this, so that no traces of claws can be found on your furniture.

4. Spend quality time with them


If you want your cat to be truly happy and healthy, it is crucial that you pay enough attention to it and spend quality time with it. Cats enjoy cuddling and playing, they like to be the center of attention and their owners admire them. While they probably won’t mind being alone in the house for a few hours, they can’t wait to come back and make up for lost time.

Also, many people believe that having several cats at the same time can be a great thing. That way, they get to be each other’s best companions. Together they have a lot more fun, learn from each other and are never bored. Having one cat in the home is a great idea, but having more than one is something else!


If you’ve ever wondered if it’s cruel to keep a cat outdoors we hope you’ve found the answers to your questions in our article. Keeping a cat in the house is not only not dangerous for the cat, but it is actually very beneficial and keeps it away from all the dangers lurking outside. Of course, if you are planning to adopt a cat that has spent most of its life outdoors, it is definitely a good idea to provide it with a transition period to get used to the new conditions. Provide your cat with everything she needs to live in the home and you can be sure that she will be happy and healthy!